Wedding-Shaming Facebook Group Torn Over Risqué Wedding Dress

“Butt crack is the new cleavage?"

Wedding gown with sheer top hanging in front of window


The Internet is ruthless when it comes to weddings that aren’t theirs and that they didn’t pay for. They will attack people for their engagement ring choices, their wedding menu, and now, one wedding-shaming Facebook group is coming after a bride’s dress.

Someone recently posted a picture of a newly-minted bride and groom sharing a sweet smooch on their wedding day to one of these wedding-shaming groups. (Please, don't join one of these groups.) The photo, taken from behind, shows off the back of the bride’s wedding dress. "Cut seems a little low?" the poster asked the group.

The dress features a very low back. Based on the photo, it appears to slope down into a sweetheart around the butt with some illusion tulle and beading to cover up the bride’s, ahem, assets. The look is further accentuated by the ruching of the fabric around the butt. The sexy dress sparked a debate about whether this wedding dress style was appropriate to walk down the aisle in.

If you know anything about Facebook wedding-shaming groups, though, you know the arguments were harsh. “Butt crack is the new cleavage?" one commenter asked, according to the New Zealand Herald.

Another person penned, “I don’t care how hot you are, showing the tip of your butt crack is NEVER a good look!”

While others agreed, many commenters just wanted the bride to live her best life and enjoy looking good on her wedding day. “She looks great!” one person wrote, according to screenshots obtained by What News 2Day. “Let her enjoy being attractive on her wedding day!!!!!”

“Nope that’s got a panel on it to prevent crack attack,” someone else said of the dress’s beading. “She’s got the booty for it good for her.”

Other commenters wished people would stop focusing on the bride’s dress and more on the groom’s look, which the group (naturally) also took issue with. “Is no one going to mention that the guy is wearing pants three feet too long for him?”

“Nope they’re too busy shaming the bride for showing skin,” some responded, pointing out the real issue here.

It's unclear if the debate was ever resolved, but we know one thing is certain: Whether you personally would wear the dress is up to you, but what someone else has already chosen for their wedding day is never up for debate.

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