5 Interior Designers That All Couples Who Live Together Should Follow

The living room at 86 Cannon, a hotel in Charleston, South Carolina.

Courtesy of 86 Cannon

So let's say you're engaged or newly married, and you've come together with your partner during this very special time only to realize (probably not for the first time) that either: A) they have horrible taste in decor, B) they have completely opposite taste in decor, C) they have no opinion on decorating (which in and of itself can be difficult). Perhaps you thought that things would somehow magically solve themselves when you moved in together, and surprise surprise—they haven't—and quite possibly you have already gotten into more than one argument over where you should put your partner's very extensive comic book collection (there's a reason why under-the-bed storage exists).

Whether you're interiors-obsessed or just want to create some sort of cozy space that doesn't feel like a badly decorated dorm room/bachelor pad/hovel, trying to paint a word picture of what you want your together home to look like can be a tough task. This is precisely why you need to show actual pictures—even if aspirational—so that your partner can clearly see what you're envisioning. So to help you in your long and inevitably challenging journey (unless you are perfectly suited with a partner who has the exact same taste as you, in which case, we are jealous) to outfit your house or apartment, we've rounded up some of our favorite interior designers we follow on Instagram for some truly gorgeous inspiration.

Noa Santos

As the CEO and co-founder of Homepolish, it's no wonder Noa Santos' feed is nothing short of gorgeous. From magenta bathrooms and turquoise entryways to living rooms swathed in nothing but neutrals, there's inspiration enough for everyone.

Orlando Soria

We first started following Orlando Soria's journey when he was working with another of our favorite designers, Emily Henderson. Since then, he's broken off onto his own and we have loved following his journey—not just because he designs beautiful (while still being attainable and fun) spaces, but his unique writing voice carries through in his posts and always gives us a chuckle.

Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney has a very well-established following, her own home decor line, a book, and a wildly successful blog. Her style is fun, lush, pattern-filled, and whimsical, and we love looking into her dreamy, boho world. And we not-so-secretly want to live in it.

Park and Oak Design

Calm. That's how we feel when we scroll through Park and Oak's feed. Renee DiSanto and Christina Samatas design spaces that feel rich, cozy, and seem to play with neutrals in a way that feels fresh and new. Plus, they seem to create the best little vignettes that make us want to jump in the picture and cozy up next to that fireplace/in that perfectly rumpled linen draped bed/sipping wine in that amazing bath.

Emily Henderson

One of our favorites, we have been following along with Emily Henderson since her Design Star days. With an eye for eclectic vintage pieces (we may or may not have started collecting mid-century brass objects after reading her blog) and perfectly mixing high and low price points, she not only has a witty voice but has really excellent pointers and ideas for making a space truly feel like your own.

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