135 Instrumental Wedding Songs To Walk Down the Aisle To

Why not have an all-strings version of your favorite tune play as you walk down the aisle?

Updated 07/31/19

Photo by Emilie White

Looking for instrumental wedding songs? There are so many gorgeous stripped-down versions to fall in love with—and they're particularly perfect for weddings since they seamlessly blend into the background, letting the bride and groom take center stage. From contemporary hits to rock classics to country jams, you're sure to find instrumental renditions you'll love among our top picks!

135 Best Instrumental Wedding Songs

1. "1,2,3,4," by Vitamin String Quartet
2. "A Day Without Rain," by Enya
3. "Amazing Grace," by Bridesmaids Quartet
4. "A Sky Full of Stars," by the Piano Guys
5. "A Thousand Years," by The Piano Guys
6. "All I Want is You," by Bridesmaids Quartet
7. "All of Me," by Daniel Jang
8. "All You Need is Love," by Guitar Tribut Players
9. "And I Love Her," by United Guitar Players
10. "Ants Marching/Ode to Joy," by The Piano Guys
11. "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not," by Bridesmaids Quartet
12. "Beethoven's Secrets," by the Piano Guys
13. "Best Day of My Life," by Vitamin String Quartet
14. "Better Together," by Romeo Loves Juliet
15. "Black Bird," by Peter Pupping and Fred Benedetti
16. "Boom Clap," by Vitamin String Quartet
17. "Bubbly," by Bridesmaids Quartet
18. "Can't Help Falling in Love," by United Guitar Players
19. "Can't Stop the Feeling!" by Vitamin String Quartet
20. "Can't Take My Eyes Off You," by Trio Comodo
21. "Calling Dr. Love," by Vitamin String Quartet
22. "Come Away with Me," by Vitamin String Quartet
23. "Come On Get Higher," by Romeo Loves Juliet
24. "Counting Stars," by Simply Three
25. "Dawn," by Jean-Yves Thibaudet
26. "Daughters," by Bridesmaids Quartet
27. "Despacito," by Brooklyn Duo
28. "Don't Stop Believin'," by Bridesmaids Quartet
29. "Endless Love," by United Guitar Players
30. "Everything," by Bridesmaids Quartet
31. "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You," by United Guitar Players
32. "Fallin' For You," by Bridesmaids Quartet
33. "Feels Like Home," by Edwina Hayes
34. "Fidelity," by Vitamin String Quartet
35. "Fields of Gold," by 2Cellos
36. "Fix You/Clocks," by Simply Three
37. "Forever," by Josh Vietti
38. "From This Moment On," by United Guitar Players
39. "Get Lucky," by Vitamin String Quartet
40. "Glasgow Love Theme, "by Craig Armstrong
41. "God Gave Me You," by United Guitar Players
42. "Grow Old With You," by United Guitar Players
43. "Happy," by Vitamin String Quartet
44. "Half of My Heart," by Bridesmaids Quartet
45. "Hallelujah," by Vitamin String Quartet
46. "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You," by United Guitar Players
47. "Heaven," by Bridesmaids Quartet
48. "Hendrix: Purple Haze," by Jimi Hendrix, Kronos Quartet
49. "Here Comes the Sun," by Fred Benedetti and Peter Pupping
50. "Ho Hey," by Romeo Loves Juliet
51. "How Long Will I Love You," by Bridesmaids Quartet
52. "How To Save A Life (the Fray Tribute)," by Piano Tribute Players
53. "Hymn for the Weekend," by Brooklyn Duo
54. "Hymne," by the O'Neill Brothers
55. "I Do," by Bridesmaids Quartet
56. "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing," by Bridesmaids Quartet
57. "I Want to Hold Your Hand," by Guitar Tribute Players
58. "I Will Always Love You," by United Guitar Players
59. "I Will Wait," by 2Cellos
60. "I'm Yours," by the Vitamin String Quartet
61. "In Your Eyes," by Bridesmaids Quartet
62. "Island in the Sun," by Vitamin String Quartet
63. "Light My Fire, by Threeds
64. "Like I'm Gonna Lose You," by Vitamin String Quartet
65. "Jackson," by United Guitar Players
66. "Kashmir," by Vitamin String Quartet
67. "Love Me Like You Do," by Vitamin String Quartet
68. "Love Story Meets Love Story," by Jon Schmidt
69. "Love Theme from The Godfather," by 2Cellos
70. "Maestro," by Hans Zimmer
71. "Marry You," by United Guitar Players
72. "Me and My Cello (Happy Together)," by Garry Bonner, Alan Lee Gordon and The Piano Guys
73. "Mine Would Be You," by Bridesmaids Quartet
74. "More Than Words," by Orinoco Haven
75. "Moondance," by Fred Benedetti and Peter Pupping
76. "My Favorite Things," by Yo-Yo Ma and Chris Botti
77. "La La Land," by Brooklyn Duo
78. "Look of Love," by Fred Benedetti and Peter Pupping
79. "One Love/People Get Read," by United Guitar Players
80. "Our Song," by Romeo Loves Juliet
81. "Open Arms," by Scott D. Davis
82. "Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts," by Harold Arlen, Joseph Bracket, Edgar "Yip" Harburg and The Piano Guys
83. "Pachelbel Meets U," by Jon Schmidt
84. "Paradise," by Vitamin String Quartet
85. "Pompeii," by Vitamin String Quartet
86. "Princess of China," by Vitamin String Quartet
87. "Rather Be," by Vitamin String Quartet
88. "Rhythm of Love," by Bridesmaids Quartet
89. "Riptide," by Piano Tribute Players
90. "Rude," by Bridesmaids Quartet
91. "Safe and Sound," by Vitamin String Quartet
92. "Secrets," by Dallas String Quartet
93. "Shape of You," by Vitamin String Quartet
94. "She Will Be Loved," by Bridesmaids Quartet
95. "Skinny Love," by Vitamin String Quartet
96. "Somewhere in Time," by John Barry
97. "Something in the Way She Moves," by Fred Benedetti and Peter Pupping
98. "Something Just Like This," by Vitamin String Quartet
99. "Somewhere Only We Know," by Simply Three
100. "Stairway to Heaven," by Fred Benedetti and Peter Pupping
101. "Stand By Me," by Stringspace Orchestra
102. "Stand by You," by Rachel Platten
103. "Stay with Me," by Vitamin String Quartet
104. "Such Great Heights," by The Section Quartet
105. "Take Me to Church," by Simply Three
106. "Take My Breath Away," by United Guitar Players
107. "Teenage Dream," by Bridesmaids Quartet
108. "The Best Day," by Bridesmaids Quartet
109. "The Edge of Glory," by The Vitamin String Quartet
110. "The Only Exception," by Bridesmaids Quartet
111. "The Look of Love," by United Guitar Players
112. "The Remedy (I Won't Worry," by Vitamin String Quartet
113. "The Swan," by Robbins Island Music Group
114. "The Way I Am," by Romeo Loves Juliet
115. "Theme from Golden Pond," by Kelly Stewart
116. "Thinking Out Loud," by The Guitar Dreamers
117. "This is What You Came For," by Brooklyn Duo
118. "Time After Time," by United Guitar Players
119. "Uptown Funk," by the Vitamin String Quartet
120. "Viva La Vida," by 2Cellos
121. "We Found Love," by 2Cellos
122. "White Wedding," by Scott D. Davis
123. "With Or Without You," by 2Cellos
124. "Wonderwall," by Guitar Tribute Players
125. "Yellow," by Vitamin String Quartet
126. "You and Me," by Vitamin String Quartet
127. "You are So Beautiful," by Bridesmaids Quartet
128. "You Are The Best Thing," by Bridesmaids Quartet
129. "You Get What You Give," by Vitamin String Quartet
130. "You and I Both," by Vitamin String Quartet
131. "You are My Sunshine," by United Guitar Players
132. "You Found Me," by Bridesmaids Quartet
133. "You Raise Me Up," by United Guitar Players
134. "Your Hand in Mine," by Vitamin String Quartet
135. "Your Song," by United Guitar Players

Brides Instrumental Wedding Songs Playlist on Spotify

Press play on our Spotify playlist and listen to some of our favorite instrumental songs to walk down the aisle to. You'll hear Vitamin String Quartet's gorgeous acoustic renditions of hit tunes — we love their covers of Sam Smith's "Stay with Me," Weezer's "Island in the Sun," and Daft Punk's "Get Lucky." These would be great for a first dance, processional, and reception, respectively. Other artists do an equally amazing job at turning pop music into lovely instrumentals, as evidenced in 2Cellos's rendition of U2's "With Or Without You" and Scott D. Davis's all-piano version of Journey's "Open Arms." All of these, and the other songs you'll hear, are well worth considering for your walk down the aisle or your wedding reception playlist!

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