Influencer Marissa Fuchs Livestreamed a Scavenger Hunt Proposal

It all culminated in her surprise wedding.

Courtesy of Instagram/@fashionambitionist

It all started on June 18th when Marissa Fuchs, known as the @FashionAmbitionist on social media, took to her Instagram to announce that her boyfriend, Gabe Grossman, is proposing to her through a series of Instagram stories.

"Guys, I'm literally freaking out hysterical crying. It's Tuesday, and Gabe is doing an Instagram story proposing to me through Instagram," she said in a video. Apparently, Gabe sent her a video claiming that he was going to propose to her very soon but not in a typical way. Gabe later shared the video on Instagram stories, which Marissa reposted and shared on her own account with the caption, "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Riss, I love you so much," Gabe started off in the video. "You’re the most important person in the world to me...which is why I have the most important question of my life to ask you. Problem is, we're not really into traditional weddings. It's not really our style. No offense to our friends; I mean we had a blast at your weddings. But that’s not what we’d really want anyway. And let's be honest, if we were gonna have a wedding it’d be some expensive destination type thing that all our friends would probably complain about anyway." The montage featured Gabe walking around different outdoor locations in New York City.

"So, I thought what would Marissa want," he continued. "How can I marry Marissa in a way that would incorporate everything that’s important to her? Love, adventure, travel, fashion, friends, and family? But it would need to be an extraordinary adventure unlike any proposal ever seen. Something you experience, joy and you know, capture [it] the 'gram so we know what happened. But, I didn’t know how I would do something like that. I figured it out. I guess you’ll see." And with that, the crazy, wild, and epic proposal scavenger hunt through the streets of New York (and basically the world) began. And luckily, Marissa's friends were there to document the whole thing.

According to Gabe's Instagram story, the first stop on the proposal hunt was the Flywheel studio on Astor Place. Searching for answers, Marissa ran to the location only to be greeted by all of her best friends who were there to take a cycling class with her. Amid the screams of shock and excitement Marissa shouted, "Where's Gabe?" But he was nowhere to be found, leaving everyone to ask, #WheresGabe?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@fashionambitionist

After the class finished, Marissa headed to Stop #2: ARIE Ancient Baths, a spa in New York City. According to Marissa, the spa is one of her favorite places in the city, so it's no wonder why Gabe included it on the scavenger hunt. After an hour of relaxation, Marissa was told to head home to shower and pack. In the midst of doing so, the Instagram influencer received a knock on her door. Of course, it was none other than makeup artist Heith Chanel and the GlamSquad there to doll her up. Later, a special delivery of clothes from Loveshackfancy arrived.

"You guys might think this is an over-the-top engagement, which it is," Marissa told her fans via Instagram story. "Gabe lived up to my expectations, and I don't even know what's next." "What do you think is next?" asked her friend behind the camera. "I feel like maybe we'll meet Gabe's mom at a store, and I'll pick out a really amazing outfit. Because I think that I'm going to get married today, because I don't want to have an engagement. I just want to be married," she responded.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@fashionambitionist

More and more Instagram users were getting involved in the surprise and sliding into Marissa's DMs to ask, "Where's Gabe?"

Gabe then sent his bride-to-be a white Ramy Brook dress, which she was instructed to wear sometime later. Originally, a helicopter was going to fly her to an unknown location, but because of the weather, she hopped in an Uber instead. The Uber eventually brought her to Gurney's Resorts in Montauk, New York. There, Gabe posted another clue on Instagram. He supposedly hid three jewels all around Montauk, and it was Marissa's mission to find them all.

She found the first jewel, a necklace chain, at the restaurant Scarpetta Beach and the second jewel, a key, in her hotel room. She went to bed without a ring on her finger and still no sign of Gabe.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@fashionambitionist

On Wednesday, Marissa woke up and was told the third and final jewel was in Hewlett, the town where she and Gabe met. But Gabe turned to Instagram to announce that plans had changed. "Alright, I know I said head to Hewett, but to be completely honest, we didn't even date in high school so it doesn't really make much sense," he explained in a video. "It's actually just a decoy. Next stop, JFK." Marissa was Miami-bound.

As Marissa waited at the airport that afternoon, another friend surprised her with the third jewel! Inside the box was a second key engraved with her soon-to-be initials—MCG. Marissa immediately started crying and then her friend handed her two more boxes. Inside one was a matching chain for her new customized key and inside the other was a charm that read, "To the Moon," which according to Marissa, is one of the ways her and Gabe say "I love you."

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@fashionambitionist

While on her way to Miami, we spoke to Marissa about the wild 24 hours she just had. "This experience has been an absolute whirlwind," she said. "I haven’t slept since this all started. My heart has been nonstop racing. Every 30 minutes I have different guesses on what’s next." She explained that she expected to find Gabe at each new stop, but now that she was headed to Miami she had different thoughts. "My next prediction is that I’ll see my best friend Amanda and my cousin Jess who both live in Florida. Perhaps we’ll go to Kiki on the River or out in Miami tonight for a pre-wedding bachelorette? I have a feeling it may be another long night without Gabe... Only time will tell!"

Marissa did in fact spend another night without Gabe, but from the looks of it, she had a great time in Miami. How could you not enjoy a private dinner with your closest friends at Prime 112? Gabe did send her another video claiming he was going to meet her at the restaurant—but later she learned that he was actually on his way to Paris, and she would be on her way there soon, too! Thursday morning, Marissa returned to Instagram to update her fans with some photos from the night before. "... STILL NO RING!!! Was completely shocked when I walked into Prime 112 and Gabe’s family was NOT there!!!! Instead the room was filled with my closest friends from UF #gogators!!!!" she captioned the post.

She spent Thursday morning frantically shopping throughout Miami trying to find the perfect dress for her upcoming engagement. Afterwards, she relaxed on the beach with some friends and shared on Instagram that she called her mother and heard the "European beeping noise" in the background. The realization that her family was waiting for her in Europe brought Marissa to tears. She also shared via Instagram that she dreamed of running away to the Maldives and marrying Gabe. However, she still seemed pleased with what was going down, even if it was a tad overwhelming. She caught a red-eye flight to Paris Thursday night and took to Instagram again as soon as she landed Friday morning.

A car was waiting for her at Charles de Gaulle airport and she was escorted to a hotel. Much to her surprise, none of her family or friends were waiting for her inside the hotel room. Instead, a hair and makeup artist named Charles was there to get her glammed for the afternoon's festivities. While at the hotel, Marissa told her Instagram followers that she was going to go "phoneless" because she was in Paris and that is typically what she likes to do when she is on vacation. She also told Gabe via Instagram, "I normally don't trust you to capture my content...but this time I think you have things under control."

With Marissa phoneless, we were left to wonder where she was heading, and perhaps more importantly, where Gabe was during all of this. But as it turned out, Gabe took it upon himself to live stream his reunion with Marissa. Standing outside of what appears to be a French chateau, Marissa walked towards Gabe in shock and in tears. They embraced and began dancing. Then, Gabe spun her around and Marissa—and the world—were finally treated to the grand finale: Gabe, down on one knee with a ring in hand. (FINALLY!) And just when we thought the surprises were over, he turned Marissa around to reveal her family smiling from the balcony.

Four days, two flights, and one long Uber ride later, Marissa was finally an engaged woman! But this one-of-a-kind proposal wasn't over quite yet. (We're honestly exhausted just thinking about it.) After the proposal, Marissa shared a video of herself in a white two-piece wedding dress walking to meet her man at the altar—their surprise wedding was about to take place!

The couple married on the balcony of the French chateau in front of just a few family members and friends, plus all of Instagram.

Courtesy of Instagram/@fashionambitionist
Courtesy of Instagram/@fashionambitionist
Courtesy of Instagram/@fashionambitionist

The now-bride also shared a close-up shot of her new emerald-cut diamond ring, which was her grandmother's.

Courtesy of Instagram/@fashionambitionist

Looks like Marissa is now officially Mrs. Gabe Grossman and this wild proposal story has finally come to an end. Good luck topping this one!

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