Ina Garten Hilariously Responds to a Bachelorette Party Themed After Her

Best bachelorette theme ever?

Ina Garten smiling behind a bar holding an orange beverage

Courtesy of NBC

We’re all for themed bachelorette parties—and apparently, so is Ina Garten!

The Barefoot Contessa host chimed in on a hilarious Instagram post from bournehungry from Sunday, May 19, that showed off a group of people dressed just like her in honor of a bride's upcoming nuptials.

She isn’t the only one that noticed, either: Instagram account @commentsbycelebs discovered that Jennifer Garner was also impressed with the theme.

“The best thing I’ve ever seen. How was I not invited?!!” the actress, 47, wrote on a shot of 15 partygoers clad in Garten’s signature blue denim button-up and short bob wig.

Garten, 71, also gave her official seal of approval to the genius bachelorette idea. “LOL!!! How is it that I wasn’t invited too @jennifergarner?” she wrote.

The photo was taken in the Hamptons for bride Nikki’s pre-wedding celebrations.

While most attendees wore black slacks and blue shirts, a few spiced things up with slight variations—like the man in the purple shawl holding a potted bouquet of flowers or the woman sitting front and center in the granny wig.

In addition to the stellar costumes showcased at the shindig, the celebration also featured digitally altered copies of Garten’s cookbook, Ina Garten Cook Like a Pro: Recipes & Tips for Home Cooks, the cover of which had a face—presumably the bride's—superimposed over the celebrity chef's.

And the fun didn’t end there! The dressed-up squad also headed out on a boat—sans their Garten getups.

“We boatlarette like nobody’s business!” one party member captioned a shot of them gathered together on the water.

With all the FOMO Garten seems to be having, maybe they can convince her to come to the wedding?

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