My In-Laws Want to Visit Us All The Time! How Often Is Too Often?

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It's not breaking news: When you get married, you marry your husband's family. But when mothers-of-the-bride and -groom (and all other family members) become in-laws, how do you politely handle visits? Our etiquette experts are here to answer your married life questions in our daily post.

How often is too often for my in-laws to visit?

Only you and your husband can answer that question (though we can tell you multiple daily unannounced drop-ins à la Everybody Loves Raymond is almost never OK.) Talk to your husband about how often you feel comfortable seeing your in-laws and what kind of boundaries you want to set in place (like a phone call before every visit). Then ask him to lay down the law. (Remember: His parents, his job.) Do keep in mind that no matter how inconvenient or annoying you may find these people, your husband loves them, and he may not want to curtail his family time. If that's the case, feel free to take yourself out of the equation during some of their visits by running an errand or meeting up with the girls for drinks while they bond with their boy. BTW, always be nice. If you have kids one day, you're going to be psyched to have your in-laws around. (Free babysitting!)

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