Ice-T Just Got Totally TMI About His Intimate Date Nights with Wife Coco

Updated 06/06/16

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Post-wedding sex can sometimes get a bad rep, with the popular preconceived notion being that things can get stale after the "I dos" and the honeymoon phrase wears off, as you and your spouse begin settling into married life. While many couples fear struggling to keep the spark alive, this is one celeb pair whose flame isn't only still alit — it's a full-blown fire. Ice-T and Coco just spilled on their still-hot married sex life. And although it's a little TMI, it'll definitely quell that old myth about the heat cooling after the "I dos."

It's been over a decade since Ice-T and Coco said their vows in January 2002 and five years since their over-the-top vow renewal that featured an extravagant wedding dress (with a barely-there bodice) and dazzling tiara for the bride, a white suit for the groom, and a star-studded guest list that included Snoop, Flavor Flav, and Magic Don Juan at the swanky W Hotel in L.A. But after all those years, the two are still totally crazy for each other and proved it on the red carpet, where Ice-T revealed what an average date night looks for him and his bride.

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"Coco loves to dance," the rapper/actor shared with E! News. Innocent enough, right? A night dancing on the town sounds great to us! "She gets a little buzzed and I watch her dance and I get a little horny," Ice-T continued. Okay, this is taking a turn... "Then we get in the car and we get more horny and we come home and we have jungle sex."* Um, what?!*

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One look at Coco's wide-eyed look of surprise and you know she didn't expect her sweetheart to totally lose his filter, but she didn't deny her hubby's risqué claim either, confirming that this is how their racy date nights usually go down.

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Umm, MarriedSexGoals (maybe..?)

When these two aren't busy getting frisky, they're playing proud parents to their baby girl Chanel, who was born in November of 2015. If you need something a little more SFW after that very NSFW date night dirt, just look at that baby's too-cute face! We. Can't. Even.

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