Husband Builds Wife a "Game of Thrones" Iron Throne as a Wedding Gift

She's clearly his Khaleesi

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Nothing says "I love you" like the Iron Throne—at least, that's what one husband taught us when he had a 200-pound replica of the iconic Game Of Thrones set piece custom-built for his bride. Michael Hayes, a welder from Kentucky, worked with students at the Louisville’s Knight School of Welding to put the enormous seat together and offered it to his wife as an epic wedding gift.

The owner of the school, Matt Hobbs, told People that Hayes had requested the special project last fall.

"He was getting married and [he and his wife] really love Game of Thrones and he wanted to know if we could make something like this for his wedding,” he said. “We said we could do it for him ... [instructor] Anthony Williams, he’s a really good designer and artsy guy, he took off with it.”

Hayes displayed the final product before his guests, making his wedding a little reminiscent of these Game of Thrones inspired nuptials back in 2017 (there were, of course, wolves, swords, and a dragon-topped cake). To perfectly pull off the Iron Throne moment, Hobbs explained that the school funded the endeavor, which cost around $7,000 and took more than two months. Each of the swords hanging out of the back of the regal chair was handcrafted by students.

“Everyone’s really blown away at how intricate and large it is not because it’s massive, but we did a lot of detail work too,” Hayes told WLKY. “I can’t think of another spot that would allow me to do that when I walked up to the owner of the school and say, ‘Hey, I want to do this for my wife.’ Okay, I got your back. Let’s do this. That’s just awesome.”

Now, maybe Hayes and his wife can browse some of these Game Of Thrones shoot locations for honeymoon ideas to top off the whole Westeros experience.

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