How to Word Invitations to a Second Wedding Reception

Courtesy of Foiled Invitations

Whether you've opted for a destination wedding for just 20 guests in a far off country, or are having a hometown wedding to celebrate where your fiancé grew up, a second wedding reception is a great way to share your wedding with even more of the people you love. If your second reception has a guest list full of people who weren't invited to your wedding, you'll want to make sure the invitation is extra clear. Here's how to word invitations for a second wedding reception.

No matter how formal the event, an invitation to a second wedding reception should make it clear that you are already married, and that guests will be attending a celebration of your marriage (without the ceremony). Use phrases like "in honor of their wedding" or "celebrate their marriage" to let people know that you've already tied the knot. But beyond that, you have more flexibility with wording (and design!) than you might for your actual wedding.

For a party that's on the fancier side, stick with traditional wording. Put a twist on a formal wedding invitation as follows:

Susan Emily and

*Michael David

Request the pleasure of your company

At a reception in honor of their wedding*

If it's a cocktail reception or the vibe is more casual, try:

*Please join Susan and Michael

As they celebrate their marriage*

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Looking to really buck tradition? Let guests know the party will be more laid-back:

*We're married!

Please join us for cocktails

And to help us celebrate the happy occasion*

Don't forget to include invitation standards like the dress code and RSVP cards so you know who will be joining you. Choose an invitation design that matches the formality and theme of the second reception, not the first — this way guests won't be confused by engraved ivory invitations inviting them to a backyard barbecue!

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