5 Creative Ways to Light Up Your Wedding With Sparklers

Updated 03/20/14

Erich McVey Photography

Looking for an affordable way to transform your wedding into something picture perfect? Just add sparklers. The addition of the festive wedding detail will bring an effortless hint of whimsy into your celebration. Below, we're breaking down five ways to incorporate sparklers into your big day, along with some useful tips on how to pull it off without a hitch.

The Reception Send-Off: First up is the classic reception exit (above), where guests line up outside the venue at the end of the night with lit sparklers and cheer as you depart from the party. Tip: Be sure to check with your reception site first, to make sure sparklers are allowed.

The Ceremony: A more unexpected idea would be to pass out sparklers for guests to light at the end of the ceremony — maybe during your first kiss! Tip: Don't forget to supply enough matches for all your guests.

On the Dance Floor: Have your wedding planner pass the sparklers out before your first dance; then, ask your DJ to make an announcement, asking guests to gather around the dance floor with their lit sparklers. Tip: Be sure to provide a receptacle so guests can put the sparklers out; galvanized steel pails filled with sand work best.

On the Wedding Cake: Have the servers wheel out the wedding cake adorned with glowing sparklers for the most festive cake-cutting ceremony, ever. Tip: Give your baker a heads-up about your sparklers plan so he or she can decorate the cake with them in mind.

Photo: Via Postcard & Pretties

The Getaway: For a finale fit for the Fourth of July, make your getaway amid a shower of sparklers and fireworks. Tip: Talk to your photographer to clue him in on your sparkler plans so he can plan accordingly and position himself in the right spot and get the perfect shot.

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