5 Creative Ways to Use Instagram to Plan the Perfect Wedding

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Next to Pinterest, Instagram is probably the second most popular place to score design inspiration for your big day. From swoon-worthy centerpieces to tablescapes that are simply to-die-for, the social media site is dripping with dream ideas. Outside of following your favorite bridal blogs and websites for real wedding and styled-shoot inspiration, what else can Instagram offer you? We've got 5 creative ways to use the site to help you plan your perfect wedding.

1. Connect With Potential Vendors

According to Jenny Orsini, owner and creative director of Jenny Orsini Events Inc., vendors are using Instagram just as frequently, if not more so, than they do Facebook or vendors' own websites. "Studies are actually showing that the percent of new business generated from Instagram posts is greater than that of Facebook and even business websites," she tells us. "Personally speaking, I know that I get calls weekly from new clients who find us on Instagram!" So, if you see a real wedding you like, tap those tags and get in touch with the vendors listed for your own big day.

2. Pick up Pointers From the Pros

As wedding planner Leah Weinberg, owner of Color Pop Events, points out, vendors are always offering tips and tricks on their Instagram feeds—so take note! "For example, stationers often post about what the timeline should be for ordering and sending out invites, while photographers may give some suggestions on how to make the most of your engagement and wedding day photos."

3. Find Design Inspiration in Unlikely Places

Be it interior designers, fashion bloggers, or food stylists, Instagram is a surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprisingly!) good source for outside-the-box inspiration. "Look to design-centric feeds rather than wedding or event vendors' feeds to get ideas on color palettes or wedding day décor," recommends Weinberg. You'll be blown away by the unique ideas you discover, plus, your big day won't look like a clone of everyone else's on Pinterest.

4. Direct Message Other Brides

Everyone always forgets about the direct message option on Instagram! "You can literally get in touch with anyone via this method, including vendors, entertainers (think comedians or singers that could perform on the big day), and yes, other brides," notes Jessica Janik, founder of The Invisible Bridesmaid. "For example, if you come across a bride who you think had the most unbelievable wedding and want to know everyone she used or where she got something specific from, don't hesitate to DM her," urges Janik. "Chances are she'll respond quicker than you can find the product yourself by googling. And don't worry about her thinking you're a random weirdo! Trust me, brides love getting compliments on the most special time of their lives."

5. Figure out What You Don't Want

Last but definitely not least, Instagram is invaluable for helping you figure out what you don't want in a wedding, says Weinberg. "Peep photographers' accounts to determine what poses or settings you'd rather not be shot in, or scope out florists' feeds to find out what flowers you want to steer clear of in your own bouquet."

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