10 Ideas for a Classy Christmas Wedding That'll Put You in the Holiday Spirit

Here's how to make it Insta-worthy—not cheesy

Updated 12/25/18

Photo by Sara Wight Photography

It's the most wonderful tiiiiime of the year! If you're a holiday enthusiast like we are, you may have toyed with the idea of throwing a winter wedding close to Christmas—but perhaps you've asked yourself: "But how could I possibly do that without it being totally tacky or cheesy?"

It's a very valid question and one that we've asked ourselves many, many times. Lucky for you, weddings are kinda our thing, so we've come up with some pretty chic—yet festive!—ideas that will certainly put you in the holiday spirit. They may even tip the scales in your deciding process toward having a Christmas wedding! And even if they don't, we'll at least give you some decorating ideas that don't include massive amounts of red and green felt.

1. Keep it simple


The rule with making any holiday-themed wedding successful and tasteful is making sure you aren't going overboard in any capacity. Having a 12-foot-tall Christmas tree decked to the nines with hundreds of ornaments and lights, with fake snow on every table and mini stockings as favors, for instance, wouldn't be an example of keeping it simple. Instead, just hint at Christmas. We love a pine garland running down long tables so you get that familiar holiday smell, plus mismatched vintage tapers in brass. (Nothing is more Christmas than lots of flickering, cozy candlelight!)

2. If you. must. go the tree route, do something with a pop

...and small-ish. We can totally get on board for a tasteful blush or white tree as long as it's dressed down (a.k.a. not overloaded with ornaments...maybe just twinkle lights and minimal ornaments). The other option, if you're not too into a mod/colorful tree, is to go ultra classic with a real tree and minimal decor (no weird bows and ribbons, please). Make sure you pick a smaller sized tree, nothing too overwhelming, and if you do decorate with more than lights, keep your color scheme tight and your ornaments cohesive!

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3. Calligraph ornaments as favors

Here's an idea for favors that your guests will actually love and want to keep: Have a calligrapher write all of your guests' names on pretty glass ornaments (we love these vintage-inspired ones from Anthropologie) and have them double as escort cards! There are a million ways to creatively display them for your guests to grab on the way to their seats.

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4. Don't get stingy with the twinkle lights

There's nothing we love more than an overabundance of twinkle lights—especially when they're hung like this. It's pure magic with not too much time or money spent for such a big impact. It totally feels Christmas—and super romantic and dreamy to boot.

5. Break out of the red (and green) zone


It may seem natural to have some red and green details in a Christmas wedding, or even lots of white with metallics, but we're here to help you get out of your color comfort zone and do something chicer and more unexpected. We love this palette of grays and blacks in matte textures; throw in some deep berry accents and voila!—not the first palette that comes to mind when you think of Christmas, but it works. Add some vintage champagne coupes and ornaments on the plates for an extra bit of holiday-ness.

6. Do a modern twist on a classic Christmas drink

bob peters Mezcal Saffron Eggnog cocktail
Justin Driscoll Photo

We love the idea of modernizing eggnog as your signature cocktail for a Christmas wedding! This mezcal saffron eggnog from Bob Peters (YUM) would work perfectly, but there are tons of variations out there! Or how about a spiked white hot chocolate with a peppermint stick? The possibilities are endless.

7. Holiday-themed photo booth props


If your wedding is close to the holidays but you don't want to go all out, an easy way to incorporate it into your decor is to have some holiday themed props for your photo booth (like these antlers). Also, having a metallic backdrop will definitely make the photos pop and get everyone in the holiday spirit without any red and green stripes in sight.

8. Christmas Crackers FTW

Everyone loves a traditional Christmas cracker, so why not lay one out on everyone's plate for a little pre-dinner fun? The bonus with these is that they've got some super fun (not cheesy!) packaging going on!

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9. Different kinds of wreaths

Want something a little more off-the-beaten-path than your classic greenery wreath? Opt for a frosted pastel in an interesting material (this one is made of dried asparagus stems!), or something gold and floral that has a mid-century vibe to it (psst—if you go that route you can repurpose and use as decor at home, after!).

10. Candlelight galore

The aforementioned brass candlesticks we mentioned? You'll be wanting a lot of them if you're not jumping on the twinkle light train. We love these vintage-inspired pairs from Food52!

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