Will Your Groom Like Your Wedding Dress (Without Ruining the Reveal)?

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If you want the first look to truly be a first look (we'll get to that in one of these posts eventually), that means keeping your wedding dress—and most likely your Pinterest page—out of your fiancé's sight over the course of wedding planning. However, hiding your dress plans from him completely leaves you vulnerable to first looks like this, this, or this. Not a good (first) look. So, how can you be sure he'll like your wedding dress without ruining the big reveal? A few suggestions.

Watch Those Wedding Shows He Hates

Just don't force him to watch. Have it on and quietly watch for his reactions after he comes into the room and is forced to watch in order to spend time with you. Most likely he'll react more to the crazy brides than the actual dresses, so when that happens you can start asking him what he thinks of certain fashions. Ask about things you like and don't like so he doesn't feel cornered into saying everything is pretty. After a few rounds of this, you'll have watched enough of these shows together that you'll never feel compelled to watch them again, and that's good for everyone.

Be All Judgy

If you're planning a wedding you're likely to be attending some, too. Take that opportunity to talk dresses. Looking at an actual person face to face usually produces a much different reaction from looking at a model in a magazine, so you'll probably get a more honest opinion. Plus, it's an opportunity for you both to be totally judgmental without feeling bad about it.

Show Him (Sort Of)

For a laugh, try on your mom's wedding dress for your fiancé and the family. Show him photos of you trying on dresses you know you aren't going to choose (but may have elements you like or don't). You know what? That second part is actually a terrible suggestion. If you don't want him to see your dress before the big day, then don't show him you in dresses before the big day. We're sorry. Moving along.


We're running out of good suggestions so we'll go with old reliable. When in doubt, speak up. Ask him what he likes and what he doesn't. Speaking from experience, odds are good he'll be no help whatsoever. He'll probably say something like, "You'll look beautiful in whatever you choose," and he'll truly mean it because he doesn't know the difference between one neckline, silhouette, or fabric and the next.

Trust Your Gut

By the way, "Anything you wear will be gorgeous" isn't just a cop-out. You're the most beautiful to us when you're comfortable and confident. Think about any time we've gotten dressed up to go somewhere before. We've always complimented your beauty and it has nothing to do with our personal taste in dresses. You look hot in it because you rock it! The same goes for your wedding dress. You're the only one who knows what the right dress will be, and you'll only really know it when you try it on and feel it. If you chose it, that means you love it. If you love it, you'll rock it. And if you rock it, you'll feel and look incredible. In other words, if the dress fits and you know it then our first look face will surely show it.

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