How to Rein In Your Inner Bridezilla and Chill the F Out

Time to tame those bridezilla urges…

Updated 05/08/17

Jose Villa

We aren't under any illusions that wedding planning is easy. And when you throw in all the emotions around such a milestone event, it can be downright overwhelming. With so much going on, you may have a bridezilla moment here and there. So how can you keep it all under control to remain a bridechilla? Our experts have wedding-planning tips.

The key to taming those bridezilla urges: Recognize a stressful or difficult situation and try to deal with it calmly before anything gets out of control. Easy, right? Keep yourself organized by breaking tasks into manageable chunks. Instead of one huge to-do list, create month-by-month lists so you’ll know what your top planning priorities are at any moment. Add deadlines to your calendar and set a reminder for a week in advance so you know what’s coming up instead of remembering you’ve got something to do the day it’s supposed to be done.

Dealing with a lot of emotion or a hard decision? Take a moment to step away, take a deep breath, and put everything in perspective. Your guest list is worth more worry than whether or not you’ll have peonies in your bouquet, so don’t let your emotions get out of hand over something that isn’t a total deal breaker. And don’t be afraid to talk it out or ask for help! When emotions seem like they might get the best of you, call a friend, your partner, or your mom. Hit the gym or run a bath to blow off some steam.

A little you time will do wonders for your perspective.

And of course, you can always take a planning break! Designate a night (or an entire weekend) a wedding-free zone and fill it with fun activities. Get dinner with your friends, go on a date with your fiancé, or devote a little time to something you love to do. Try out a new recipe, go to a movie you've been dying to see but haven't had the time for, or go for an intense bike ride/hike/boxing class (or all three!). Talk about anything except your wedding; those emails will still be there tomorrow.

Then, once you’ve had some time to decompress, you can get back to your to-do list with a little less worry, a little more understanding, and a little more focus on why you’re doing this anyway: to marry the person you love!

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