Here's How to Sweat-Proof Your Outdoor Summer Wedding

Photo: Noe Dewit; Styling by Deborah Watson

Photo: Noe Dewit; Styling by Deborah Watson

One thing you don't want to be stressing about on your wedding day? Sweat. If you're a summer bride tying the knot outdoors, embrace the sweet smell of victory over sweat on your big day with these expert tips from Dr. Saryna Young, WESTMED dermatologist, and Chase Purles, CEO of SweatBlock.

Apply at night.

If your morning swipe just isn't cutting it, try applying antiperspirant before you hit the hay. "Leaving the deodorant on for six to eight hours while you sleep will block the sweat ducts for up to 24 hours," Young says.

Stay dry... everywhere.

Real, somewhat embarrassing, talk: Underarms aren't the only place brides feel the anxiety-inducing drip. Young says it's totally normal to use antiperspirant wherever you feel wet; like under your breasts, down your back and on your hands and feet. Skip products containing aluminum to avoid yellow pit stains on your white dress.

Avoid stinky foods.

Garlic, onions, fried foods, strong cheeses, cabbage, cured meats and curry are all potential culprits for an off-odor when you sweat post-meal. "The powerful aroma molecules in the strong smelling foods stick with you and could be released through sweat," says Purles. Everyone's body chemistry is different, so pay attention to how your body reacts and avoid the stinkers on the big day.

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Skip sweat-inducing foods.

"If you have ever tasted the goodness of a jalapeño burger or a street taco, you know spicy foods can cause the body temp to rise and send the sweat factory into full production," says Purles. Also on the list are fatty foods and excess sodium which your body works extra hard to expel.

Sip wisely.

While you're dancing the night away, make sure you don't overdo it on the booze. Since alcohol expands your blood vessels it also pumps up your body heat, according to Purles. Finally, while caffeine may keep you up for the long night ahead, it's also jacking up your central nervous system AKA waking up your sweat glands.

Eat this to stop the sweat.

While no sweating condition can be cured by dietary changes alone, there are some foods that help, according to Purles:

1. Lots of water will hydrate your body and help regulate temperature sans sweat.

2. Low-fat yogurt and milk, cheese, almonds, and beans are calcium-rich foods that also act as a temperature regulator.

3. Fruits and veggies are high in water content and easy to digest meaning less work for your body.

4. Olive oil helps your digestive system work like a well-oiled (see what we did there) machine.

5. Vitamin B rich foods like whole grains, proteins and veggies help with metabolic function meaning less exertion for your body.

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