5 (Totally Free) Ways to Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Appreciated

Show your girls you're thankful to have them by your side — sans gifts

Updated 12/03/16

Photo by Marcus Meisler

Having your closest gal pals standing by your side on your wedding day will be one of the most memorable moments of your celebration. But for some brides, getting your girls down the aisle can be quite the experience — filled with unexpected drama and even resentment. You may have ideas for the type of bridesmaid dress you’d like them to wear and you may even be asking them to spend a great deal of cash on your pre-wedding events. That’s why it’s extra important to make sure your bridal party feels like they are appreciated and respected along the way. Wondering how to make sure that happens? Here are 5 free ways to make your bridesmaids feel appreciated during your wedding planning process.

1. Write a handwritten note.

Writing each member of your bridal party a handwritten note will go a long way. You can thank them for being there by your side and even for the little things that felt like giant things each of your bridesmaids did for you throughout the wedding adventure.

2. Make a spontaneous phone call.

Take a break from chatting about just your wedding plans and give your bridesmaids a ring to catch up on everything and anything but your big day. It’ll let them know you’re thinking about them and interested in their lives.

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3. Give each bridesmaid a task they enjoy.

Instead of making all the decisions yourself or giving your maid-of-honor all of the bridal party tasks, ask each bridesmaid to take on something that they are good at or interested in — whether it’s thinking of bridal shower party games or brainstorming locations for the bachelorette party.

4. Listen to their ideas.

Be open to your bridesmaids' ideas and be sure to listen and take into consideration the suggestions they send your way. It's important to find a way to incorporate the ones you love the most into your pre-wedding plans (with boundaries, of course!).

5. Share funny wedding articles.

Keep the energy and positivity going with your bridal party before the wedding by sharing funny news links about brides and bridesmaids. It’ll keep everyone laughing down the aisle.

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