The Dos and Don'ts of Proposing During the Holidays

Proposing During the Holidays

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It's engagement season, which means serious couples everywhere have proposals on the brain. But with holiday parties and family get-togethers filling up the calendar, figuring out the best way to propose can be tough to do. If you're planning on popping the question (or know someone who might need a few tips!), here are some dos and don'ts you might want to keep in mind.

Do figure out what your partner will like.

No matter the season, every proposal should start here. Find out if the love of your life would rather get engaged in private, or if being surrounded by family and friends during this big moment is what they've always dreamed of. Some people might love to hear that long-awaited question at the Thanksgiving table, while others might prefer a quiet, private moment at home in front of the fireplace.

Don't get too cheesy.

With all the joy and cheer around, it's hard to not get caught up in the season. After all, you are planning to add to the sparkle with a ring! Treat the holidays as inspiration, not a theme. A proposal with a Champagne toast at midnight on New Year's Eve? Great idea! A rented Santa suit? Not so much.

Do have a private moment.

No matter what kind of proposal you've planned, make sure you take a little time to soak it all in. Whether it's simply stepping away from the festivities after you propose at the family Hanukkah dinner or getting a drink à deux before your annual Friendsgiving feast, don't forget to revel in the moment!

Don't forget to ask for help.

You should keep those "in the know" to a minimum so your secret doesn't get out, but having a few co-conspirators will help keep everything running smoothly. A sister might know just what kind of proposal your significant other would love, Mom would be the perfect person to hide a ring box beneath the Christmas tree, and it wouldn't be hard for a friend to make sure they're in the right place at the right time.

Do think about the rest of the day.

The day doesn't end once you've popped the question! Think about how the two of you will want to celebrate once your significant other has said "yes." Will you want to spend the afternoon enjoying the rush? Propose on a quiet day when you've got the evening to yourselves.

On the other hand, if you know you'll both be eager to spread the news, consider a day when you've got a party to head to later on. After all, a bonus of proposing during the holidays is that almost everyone has a bottle of Champagne in the fridge!

Don't panic!

A hiccup in your plan is no reason to scrap it entirely, but the holiday season (and along with it, winter weather!) is full of the unexpected. Planning to propose in the park where you had your first kiss, but the forecast calls for snow? A light flurry will make it even more romantic—but if a blizzard's coming through, you might want a backup plan that's indoors. Waiting for the right moment during a holiday meal when too much wine makes tensions rise? This might be your signal to propose in private, instead. Just stay calm and go with the flow. The holidays are all about celebrating, so add your own dose of love and joy to the mix!

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