How to Select the Perfect Plus-One as Your Wedding Date

Updated 07/24/16

Katelyn James Photography

Whether you're flying solo or just started seeing someone new, if there's a wedding on your calendar, there's no guarantee that you'll be invited with a guest. But if you've been lucky enough to score a coveted "Plus One," your next challenge is to pick someone great to bring with you! Here are a few expert tips to make sure you bring someone the happy couple will be thrilled to have around.

If you were invited with a plus one and are currently seeing someone (we're talking more than five dates, and someone you plan to continue seeing for a while), that's the one you should invite as your date. In general, plus-ones are intended to be some sort of significant other, not a friend or sibling.

Single but granted the opportunity to bring a guest? Check with the bride or groom before you ask your BFF to tag along. If they know you're unattached, they will probably be totally fine with you bringing a platonic friend, but it's best to confirm with them beforehand.

Before sending back your RSVP card (with both of your first and last names included!), confirm with your intended guest that they 100% will be able to attend. The last thing you want is to tell the couple that Michael will be joining you, only to find out he has a work trip that weekend and to have to call the bride and tell her Sam will be coming instead. And of course, don't RSVP with an ambiguous "and guest" in the hopes that you'll find someone between now and the wedding date.

When you're deciding who you'll bring along with you, keep the crowd in mind. Don't invite someone who will cause unnecessary drama (like the bride or groom's ex, no matter how close you are) or who might embarrass you in any way — a good argument for bringing someone you've dated for a while or inquiring about bringing a close friend instead.

And of course, bring someone who will be fun to have at the party! If you're going to spend the evening with them (and hit the dance floor together!) pick someone who you'll have a great time with.

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