How to Not Get (Too) Drunk at Your Wedding Reception

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You splurged on an open bar for a reason — and that wasn't so you could treat your reception as if it were a dry county. But there are plenty of reasons to cut back on the alcoholic beverages you consume on your wedding night, not the least of which is so you can continue the fun back at your hotel room!

"Like any hangover, you'll regret over-indulging in the morning," says Jesse Tombs, senior event producer for Alison Events. "You want to present your best self to your new partner in life, you family and close friends. Not only that, but you set the example for your guests — if you are heavily drinking, they might too."

Here, Tombs gives her top tips for toeing the line between tipsy and drunk.

Eat something.

Between making the rounds among guests to getting down on the dance floor, many brides barely have time to grab a bite. So, be sure to "eat a light breakfast or brunch before you walk down the aisle," Tombs says.

Stick to gin.

Or whatever your adult beverage of choice may be. "Whether it's white wine or champagne or vodka soda, stay with it all night," says Tombs. If you must, don't forget the mantra we all learned in our college years: "Beer then liquor, you've never been sicker. Liquor then beer, you're in the clear."

Drink clear liquids.

"They're easier for your body to digest," says Tombs. "Plus, if you spill it will be less noticeable on a white dress!"

Chase each drink with water.

"After every two-ounce alcoholic beverage, drink an eight-ounce glass of room temperature water," Tombs says. "You may be running to the restroom, but at least you will be hydrated and not hungover the next day!"

And repeat after us: No shots. Not a single one!

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