4 Little Ways to Show Your Partner You Appreciate Him Every Day

The best part? They'll likely to return these little gestures

Updated 01/11/17

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One of the easiest ways to make your husband happy is to show that you don't take him for granted — luckily, it's all-too-easy to make him feel appreciated and give your relationship an important boost each day.

"Having a more meaningful, intimate marriage requires you to take care of each other," says relationship expert April Masini. "If you make him feel appreciated and not taken for granted, you're setting the stage for deeper intimacy, more fun, better sex, and a marriage that you're both happy to have — not one you feel you've defaulted into."

Bonus? When you whip out these four ways that make him feel good, he's likely to give them back, big time.

"When he realizes how good he feels because you've complimented him, it's going to occur to him that he wants to do the same back to you," Masini explains. "It's human nature, and it's a good practice to get into for the sake of your happy marriage."

Give him tasks at which he'll excel.

"Don't give him things he'll fail at," says Masini. "Give him things that you know he's good at, whether it's automotive chores or heavy lifting, and be his fan club when he succeeds. Guys want to be your knight in shining armor, so give them opportunities to do so!"

Talk dirty — during the day!

"Make a phone call, send an e-mail, or tell him how hot he is so he can remember that you're the most amazing wife ever — and that means he must deserve the most amazing wife ever," says Masini. "Win, win."

Buy him a gift just because it's Tuesday.

"It can be cologne, a book, some cheese he especially likes — just gift wrap something with a little love note and leave it in his desk, his briefcase or send it to his office," Masini suggests.

Touch him.

"It's easy to stop holding hands, putting arms around each other's' waists, and stroking the back of his neck while he drives," says Masini. "But affection and touching mean so much to him. He wants to be touched, and not just in bed. Show him you love him by kissing him at breakfast, holding his hand while you're out doing errands and touching his forearm while you're talking about something that could be anything."

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