How to Let Your Guests Know About Your Wedding Registry

Updated 04/11/15

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Let's face it: Wedding registries are awkward. It's a custom that not only says "Hey, guys, get us a gift!" but also outlines exactly what you want them to get you. On the other hand, though, it really is the best way to keep things organized and ensure everyone is happy and no two people double-gift. But how do you let guests know where to find that oh-so-important registry list? Here, our wedding etiquette experts weigh in.

Before we tell you where to list your registry, we'll clue you in on where you absolutely, 100 percent, shouldn't put it: Your wedding invitation. Listing your registry on your invite is not only inappropriate, it's just plain rude. That, unfortunately, adds to the conundrum of the whole thing. Where can you make it known? Even in this digital age, the best way to let people know about your wedding registry is through word of mouth. Yes, word of mouth.

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Plan ahead and equip those closest to you with the knowledge. Arm your parents, his parents, your wedding party, and any other close family or friends with your registry information so that when people come to them they have the answers. If you don't think that will work, there's always the option of listing it on your wedding website. And while you absolutely can't list your wedding registry on your website, you can, however, list your wedding website on your invite which will inevitably lead your guests to the information they need.

Sneaky, we know!

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