How to Keep Wedding Planning From Affecting Your Job


Planning a wedding can often feel like a full-time job, but for most brides-to-be, it’s not. Finding ways to balance work, your social life, wellness, and your relationships, all while planning a wedding, can seem like an impossible feat. You may soon find that in an effort to do it all, you let other facets of your life fall behind or suffer.

It’s especially important to not let your wedding planning stress affect your employment (easier said than done, we know.) So, here are some ways to ensure you can keep rocking stellar job performance while planning your dream wedding, too.

Fight the Urge to Multitask

Especially if you have a desk job, it can be beyond tempting to tackle some wedding tasks while nobody is looking, but try not to. While you might be really good at multitasking, the sad truth is that neither task will get your full attention, and both your job and wedding deserve 100 percent of your focus.

Time Management

Planning ahead and reserving little chunks of your day outside of work for planning can help prevent distractions and disruptions in the middle of your workday. Perhaps two hours a night, two nights a week can be set aside for wedding-related items (put that DVR to good use) or more frequent half-hour sessions can be reserved, too. Knowing you have this time reserved can help alleviate any urge to cram things in during work.

Guard Your Info

When providing your contact info, don’t give your work email or phone number, even if that’s where they are most likely to reach you. Instead, provide your cell and specify hours that work best for you. If you work unconventional hours or long shifts, check your schedule ahead of time and be specific.

You may even consider creating a separate email account for wedding-related communications only. That way you can check it on your own time and avoid clogging other inboxes with spam while keeping things organized.

Keep Work at Work

It’s increasingly difficult to leave work behind when you’re no longer at your desk, thanks in large part to our ever-connected world and increasing professional demands. But try your best. Just as you shouldn’t bring wedding stuff into your workplace, you should also try to leave work stuff at work.

Working Lunches

It’s all too easy to fall into the habit of working through lunch. But most 9-to-5ers get an hour lunch, and you can feel free to use that time for planning or some much-needed decompression. For some, though, trying to squeeze in a call with a vendor or an order over the phone may be a Pandora’s box, leaving you feeling preoccupied with your wedding for the remainder of the workday.

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