How to Keep a Strapless Wedding Dress From Falling Down All Night

Bride in strapless gown with bouquet

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A strapless wedding dress is a classic choice for your big day, but if you're worried about indecent exposure (i.e. flashing all your guests while you're trying to break it down on the dance floor), then you might want to read on! From what undergarments to get to why alterations are so critical, we've got the scoop on how to ensure you aren't tugging up your dress all night long.

Get It Altered

According to Kleinfeld fashion director Terry Hall, the most important aspect of a bride's gown, regardless of style, is the fit, of course. "Great alterations can make an inexpensive gown look like a million bucks and vice versa," he notes. "Many women often hesitate to wear a strapless gown for fear it'll fall down or they'll have to keep pulling on it. The truth is if it fits properly and you're rocking the right undergarments, you have nothing to stress about."

Buy the Correct Bust Size

While alterations are key, so is buying a strapless dress that comfortably accommodates your girls in the first place. That may mean ordering a size up and having the waist taken in if your breasts are busting out of the smaller gown that fits like a glove everywhere else. Show Me Your Mumu founders Cammy Hebert and Cologne Schmidt recommend testing out your dress with a little dance to see if it slides down. "If so, you can have them take in the top a bit more."

Open the Cups

Depending on your bust size, the cut and fit of the dress, as well as the designer/manufacturer of it, it could be a good idea to "open" the cup when ordering, says Hall. "Typically, bust sizes D and larger should be opened to allow for a more generous cup, which will give the breasts adequate coverage," he explains. Not doing so could result in a bust line that's just too skimpy, and in turn, a potential wardrobe malfunction. Yikes!

Choose a Strapless Dress With Boning

Keep your girls where they belong and dodge an embarrassing nip slip by investing in a strapless wedding gown that has boning, advises Schmidt and Hebert. "This will give the top structure and hold you in like a corset so you won't feel like your dress is constantly slipping down." Other dress designs that will provide the proper structure and support, particularly for fuller-busted women, include a sturdier fabric like Alencon lace and ruched duchess satin, tells Hall.

Get the Right Undergarments

The more support, the better, right? In the case of strapless dresses, Hall suggests buying a strapless bra to match, preferably one with boning that extends to your waist or even lower if your gown design permits. "With the right bustier in place and a perfectly fitted gown, you'll be ready to boogie the night away without a worry in sight!"

Add Some Straps

If only for the dance floor! "A lot of the strapless dresses I tried on had pretty matching lace straps as an option," points out Schmidt. "I think they're great to add on later when you feel like you need a little extra support for dancing."

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