How to Incorporate Myrtle (AKA the Royal Flower) Into Your Wedding

Prince William and Kate Middleton on their wedding day

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Myrtle flowers, the traditional plant of the British royal family, have been prized for their meaningful beauty since ancient times. Myrtle trees were especially sacred to Venus, the Roman goddess of love, as well as a symbol of marriage for the people of Galilee way before 1 AD. From white wax myrtles to fuchsia crepe myrtles, there are tons of gorgeous varieties—all with a rich history and meaning.

In 2011, Duchess Kate Middleton famously walked down the grand aisle of Westminster Abbey with two sprigs of white myrtle in her bouquet: one sprig from a myrtle tree grown from Queen Victoria’s bouquet back in 1840, and one sprig from a tree grown from Queen Elizabeth’s 1947 bouquet. Duchess Meghan Markle also included myrtle in her bouquet when marrying Prince Harry in 2018.

Love the idea of adding this magical flower to your own wedding festivities? Here’s how to make your own unique myrtle traditions.

Floral Invitations

Any watercolor artist will tell you that florals are just plain fun to work with. The fluffy, voluminous petals of myrtle are gorgeous when hand-painted on any digital or paper good: save the dates, wedding websites, invitations, programs, place cards, thank you notes, and more.

Dramatic Wedding Shower Decor

We love myrtle for showers and engagement parties in particular because you can kill two birds with one stone: dramatic floral accents for your party, then gorgeous decor for your home. Because branches last longer than little sprigs, you can keep these for weeks with proper watering. Maybe even propagate your own myrtle tree like a true queen?

Cooler Flower Crowns

The wax myrtle flower crown dates back thousands of years to ancient Greek and Roman brides paying homage to Aphrodite and Venus. So rest assured, while flower crowns may be trendy, myrtle crowns are timeless accessories for the ages. Dry yours out and frame it forever, or consider a gold or silver-plated one that can easily become an heirloom.

Ceremony Confetti

Myrtle flowers have a fleeting life off the tree—petals shed quickly, and plentifully, like floral confetti. Why not embrace it and make little bags of myrtle petals to be thrown as you exit your ceremony space? The air will be sweeter, and the photos will be priceless Pro Tip: Make sure you get some polaroids of petals floating in the air.

Table Adornment (And Cute Favors)

Whether you’re celebrating in a cozy restaurant or under a chic tent, we love the look of small glass jars and vases scattered along the length of a table and filled with cuts of myrtle blooms in different heights. Hot pink crepe myrtle is particularly striking, especially when placed in turquoise glass. Your guests would be able to take the glasses home as favors, too!

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