#CatLady: How to Include Your Feline Friend in Your Big Day (Without Getting Weird Looks from Guests)

Zachary Hunt Photography

Cat ladies, let's unite: Why should Fido have all the fun at your wedding? Yes, if we're being honest, it is kind of weird to include your cat in your big day. But if your love for animals skews toward felines — and especially if you consider your whiskered friend part of your family — there are ways to welcome him or her into the wedding fold.

Ask your wedding photographer to snap a photo.

Who wouldn't find an image of your cat perched on your train ooh-and-ah adorable? Or, if your feline friend favors your fiancé, let him be one of the guys for a fun photo-op: He can lap up a bowl of milk as the groomsmen guzzle a beer pre-ceremony.

Give your kitten a job at the ceremony.

Sure, dogs often walk the aisle wreath-clad and carrying rings around their necks, but cats can make good — OK, interesting — ring bearers, too. Let your cat get comfy on the ring pillow as he's carried down the aisle by a loving niece or nephew.

Remember the cat at the reception.

While a formal dinner and dance party is no place for a cat, you can still give a nod to Mr. Socks when it comes to your décor or favors. Using pictures for your table numbers? Why not include your cat in family and couple images. Or, go a more giving route — give chartable donations to a cat rescue center or your local Humane Society in honor of your feline friend.

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