How to Grow Out Your Bangs in Time for Your Wedding

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We've all been there before.You're at the salon, one thing leads to another, and then—boom!—bangs. We love some face-framing fringe and brides who rock their bangs. But if you want to walk down the aisle with a bangs-free wedding hairstyle, here's how to grow out your bangs in time for your wedding.

We reached out to hairstylists Amelie Lemoine of Yves Durif Salon and Stacy of Styles on B to get their best tips on easing the growth process and getting wedding-worthy hair, sans bangs, in no time.

Keep reading to see how to grow out your bangs by your wedding date.

Be Patient

We get it: You want those bangs grown out ASAP. But as Stacy says, there's no miracle cure for hair growth—but there are things you can do in the meantime. First and foremost, have patience. Your bangs won't grow out overnight. Second, be gentle with your hair. Odds are, you've been blow-drying, flat-ironing, or curling your bangs via heat styling, so step away from the hot tools at least temporarily. Amelie explains, "It is really important to be gentle with your hair, even if it is thick. Brushing too hard or overuse of a curling or flat iron will damage the hair, particularly the ends, very quickly." Of course, if you need to heat-style your hair, use heat protectant products to prevent further damage.

Keeping you hair in good condition is the key to healthy, growing hair, explains Stacy. "Most of the time when girls think their hair won't grow past a certain point, it's actually that it is breaking as fast as it is growing." She suggests that you don't go more than three months without a trim and to avoid washing too often in order to give your natural oils a chance to replenish. "Healthy ends means faster growth," says Stacy. Her go-to combo is Olaplex 4 and Olaplex 5, a shampoo and conditioner that repairs, strengthens, and protects damaged hair.

Courtesy of Sephora

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Courtesy of Sephora

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Meanwhile, Amelie suggests Nioxin's range of products designed for promoting hair growth for fine and thinning hair. "It is possible they help in the regrowth of hair by removing sebum from the scalp, which is believed to be the leading cause of male and woman pattern hair loss." Each kit contains a cleanser, conditioner, and scalp and hair treatment, but of course the treatment takes time and patience. It should be used daily for up to 30 days to see results, Amelie notes. If natural products are more your style, try incorporating essential oils into your routine that are known to promote hair growth, like rosemary oil and peppermint oil which are to said to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp.

Blend and Style

When your bangs reach that awkward length that's no longer fringe, but still doesn't match up with the rest of your hair, figure out new ways to style your tresses."[Create] a new part that is slightly off center on the head," suggests Amelie. "Comb through wet hair, right after getting out of the shower. If not, it will be more difficult on dry hair." Follow up with a volumizing spray. Amelie loves using Sisley Paris Volumizing Spray on wet hair, as it'll help you easily blend your bangs in with the rest of your 'do.

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For styling, Stacy recommends a texturizing powder instead of a pomade. It'll help blend bangs without the greasiness and excess product. "Though it's not intended for that specific purpose, we've used it on clients with great success." says Stacy. "Just a little goes a long way and will give the bangs enough texture to be brushed into the rest of your hair without it looking too forced." The less you manipulate your hair, the better.

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Eat Well and Stress Less

This seems to be a general rule for all aspects of wedding planning, but hey, it works! Stress can be detrimental to everything from skin care to mental health and, yes, even your hair. Amelie explains, "As with all aspects of our body and wellness, the same applies to hair, so having a healthy lifestyle helps too. Eating well and managing your stress levels not only makes your body less tired and your metabolism faster, it also affects the health of your hair." Certain vitamin deficiencies can lead to loss of hair and breakage, so take care of yourself from the inside out. There are plenty of foods you can incorporate into your diet to promote healthier hair and growth, such as avocado, salmon, eggs, and quinoa, to name a few.

Another fix? You can add supplements and vitamins that promote hair growth into your daily routine. (Be sure to always consult a physician before taking any additional supplements.) Amelie recommends Nutrafol, a natural supplement meant to promote faster hair growth as well as strand density and manageability. Meanwhile, Stacy recommends Sugar Bear Hair vitamins or biotin supplements.

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If all else fails, don't fret! Stacy says, "A good stylist will find a way to incorporate your bangs into your style for the big day." So go right ahead: Keep pinning your dream wedding hairstyles to your wedding board!

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