You Gotta Go: How to Make it Easier to Use the Restroom in Your Dress

Updated 12/01/15

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Your bathroom breaks aren't something we'd normally discus in polite company. But when it comes to your wedding, making plans to pee is actually pretty important — because as luck will have it, you'll need to beeline for the bathroom the second you slip on your wedding dress, and dart from the dance floor in the middle of John Legend's ode to your union. So here's how to take a bathroom break in your dress.

Sit on the toilet backwards.

Yes, you read the right. When it comes to going to the bathroom in your wedding dress, it's best to straddle the toilet seat so you're facing the tank and the wall. Why? This ensures the back of your dress and its train spills onto the floor and not into the toilet.

Ask for help.

On any other day, using the restroom is a private ritual. But on your wedding day, it's not only appropriate but expected to ask for helping hands. Your female friends, bridesmaids, and mother will be more than willing to stand beside you, holding your dress, as you squat over the toilet. If there's room, take two women with you into the stall — one to hold each side of your dress and prevent it from taking a swim in the toilet.

Steal the handicap stall.

If it's free from use, don't feel bad about ducking into the handicap stall. Tonight, your billowing ball gown is your handicap. The extra square feet this stall offers will make it more comfortable for you and your maids to manage your dress, and will (hopefully) protect you from getting too close for comfort.

Schedule enough time.

Try as you might, you can't take a quick bathroom break in your wedding dress. Best case scenario, three women have to cram into a small space and help you relieve yourself. Worst case, there's simply room for helping hands and you'll have to slip in and out of your dress in order to pee. That will take at least 20 minutes, so plan accordingly, and don't break for the bathroom if you've only got three minutes until you're set to slice your cake.

Set up times to go.

You won't be able to anticipate each bathroom break you'll need, but you'll make your wedding day run so much smoother if you schedule a few times you know you'll want to dive into a stall. Think: Before you leave for the ceremony, immediately before the reception, and directly after the toasts. This will reduce your need for emergency bathroom breaks, and ensure you always have help.

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