Wedding Day 911: How to Deal When Your Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments Have Gone Wrong

Step one: Take a deep breath

Updated 06/04/18

Alyssa Greenberg

Let us guess... In an effort to save time or money, you took beauty matters—we’re looking at you overgrown bangs, pale legs, and bushy brows—into your own hands. But amidst all the chaos, you managed to muck things up. The bad news is, we’ve been there before—the good news is, we’ve learned from our mistakes. To get you out of your big-day beauty dilemma, we’re sharing our best tricks for making that faux pas look like it never happened.

Ahead, how to reinvent your worst beauty emergencies, no matter how soon you’re walking down the aisle.

The Beauty Emergency: Bad Bangs

Whether you tried to cut them yourself or your stylist had an off day, a bad fringe can always be fixed with a sleek center part. Create a straight part on wet hair and blow-dry in place. Set with a medium-hold hairspray and secure with pins while you finish getting ready. Pull the rest of your hair into a pretty ponytail or tuck the front sections behind your ears and style the rest with soft waves.

The Beauty Emergency: Overly Tinted Brows

Before you freak out, oftentimes it’s just the skin under your brows that is stained. When this happens, break out the clarifying shampoo, which is made to strip residue buildup from your scalp and will work wonders for your problem. Brush the shampoo through your arches with an eyebrow brush or old toothbrush. Leave on for 60 seconds, then wash out. Repeat if necessary.

If that doesn't seem to do the trick, combine baking soda with the shampoo in an even ratio to create a thick paste. Apply a thick layer and let it sit and work its magic for a few minutes. Scrub, then rinse. Problem solved!

The Beauty Emergency: Overly Bleached Brows

If you’re experiencing the complete opposite brow problem and left the bleach on a little too long, don’t worry—we can fix this! You might just need to rummage through your fiancé’s side of the medicine cabinet)... Beard dye is meant to color thick, coarse hair and will give your brows a believable wash of color. For the perfect tint, outline your brows with a layer of Vaseline to prevent unsightly stains. Apply the product with an angled eyeliner brush or a wooden stick for more control.

To get an even color on both sides, do one brow at a time. Quickly and carefully apply the solution to one side, set a timer, then wipe it off. Repeat on the other side in the exact same order for the exact amount of time. Wipe off the product completely with a damp towel, then wash your face just in case you left anything behind. Any residue will continue to develop, making your brows darker.

The Beauty Emergency: A Patchy Tan

Every bride wants glowing skin on her wedding day, so we don’t blame you for breaking out the self-tanner. However, self-tanning formulas are not always completely foolproof and mistakes can happen. The important part is knowing how to fix them. Areas like the wrists and elbows are most likely to get crease marks (this is why you must use a tanning mitt when applying product). If you wake up the morning of your wedding with a patchy tan, mix baking soda and lemon juice into a paste and exfoliate the stains away. The combination of gritty and stain-lifting powers of the baking soda and the acid in the lemon juice will get you looking even and glowy in no time.

The Beauty Emergency: A Broken Acrylic

A broken acrylic nail is the quickest way to ruin your engagement ring shots, but it’s also an easy fix. First things first: find the broken piece and glue it back on. To prevent it from happening again, lock it in place by brushing on a thin layer of glue over the entire nail, then seal it with a coat of clear polish. Although this is only a temporary fix, it will guarantee your mani looks photo-ready on your special day—and buys you time to see your manicurist tomorrow.

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