5 Things to Look for In a Wedding Officiant

Updated 09/22/15

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Sometimes finding the right officiant for your wedding is almost as difficult as finding the right dress. When you take into account each of your respective faiths, your priorities and the overall style and tone of your ceremony, it can be tough to find someone that fits the bill. Luckily, J.P. Reynolds, who officiated the wedding of Survivor's Rob and Amber (and Brides Live Wedding 2013 and 2014!), gives us his tips on what to look for.

Plenty of flexibility.

A good officiant will help you create a ceremony that feels authentic to you and your groom.

Interest in your story.

She should ask you plenty of questions about how you met, what's important to you, and what you want from the future.

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Familiarity with your faith.

The right nondenominational officiant can insert as many or as few religious references and blessings as you'd like. Make sure they're comfortable with your ceremony and preferences, and, if you're having an interfaith ceremony, be sure to tell them up front if there will be two officiants.

A sense of humor.

Make sure the officiant is smiling throughout your first meeting. Your ceremony should honor the importance of what you're doing, but it should be lighthearted too.

Want to be married by a friend?

Almost half of all couples have a friend or family member lead their vows. If you're into the idea, choose someone who knows you both and will work to make the ceremony meaningful. Direct your future officiant to getordained.org, then gift her The Wedding Officiant's Guide, by Lisa Francesca; it's the DIY officiant's bible for ceremony structure, readings, blessings, and vows.

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