How to Figure Out the Best Seating Chart Possible

Updated 09/12/14

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*One part of wedding planning couples most likely dread most (after setting their budget, of course) is figuring out where to seat everyone during the reception. From single guests, to argumentative relatives, and way too many friends from college, designating who will party with who is tedious! Never fear, we've outlined some key points that will hopefully streamline your seat charting process. *

No matter what, keep age groups together!

You may be tempted to mix and match, but most likely, keeping younger people with younger people and older people with older people will make each table happier. Also, let's face it: If you stick to age groups, guests are more likely to share interests.

Which brings us to our next point: Group guests by what they like.

Do you have two diehard football fans? How about reality TV fanatics? Stick them at the same table — it'll ease any awkward silences when they can excitedly talk about the latest drama on The Real Housewives.

Never stick all of your single friends together.

One surefire way to make your single guests mad? Treating them all like leftovers. Think of your friends who fly solo first, grouping them with both couples and individuals who you think they'd hit it off with — not just dumping them all at the same table and hoping two hit it off.

Each table should have a chatty Cathy.

That's right: stick one extroverted couple or person to a table to bring out the friendly conversations in everyone!

Out of respect, keep close relatives and older guests closest to the head table.

It'll mean a lot to them!

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