4 Conversations You Might Want to Have Before His Bachelor Party

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Nothing can make wedding planning come to a screeching (temporary, of course) halt quite like a quarrel over a bachelor party. To avoid this, and to foster clear communication between you and your soon-to-be husband, be sure to have these four key conversations prior to your man's departure. You can thank us later.

Strip Clubs in General

Most women have firm opinions when it comes to bachelor parties and strip clubs. Whether the thought of them doesn't bother you in the least or it keeps you up at night is entirely a personal emotion. However you feel, it's important to know exactly what they are, and what they aren't. Depending on geographic location and club rules, the variations can include topless only, full nudity, private rooms/no private rooms, full bar service, no hard liquor, BYOB, and more. Before you say you're "fine with whatever," really think about if there are any concerns or "rules" (not demands) you'd love to put in place and agree upon together. The more specific you are, the more comfortable and respected you both will feel.

Lap Dances

If the idea of anyone but you dancing all-up on and touching your man makes you upset, you might want to express this to him. In fact, you definitely should. Are you cool with clothed lap dances at the celebration, but it's a hard-no (no pun intended) for fully nude ones? Make your feelings known. Your man will respect your honesty, and you'll both know your expectations for one another, which is key to communication (as well as a long, happy marriage!)

Private Dances

We've all heard about the dreaded Champagne rooms, or "back" rooms, that some establishments offer. Many brides-to-be and grooms agree that these are totally off-limits, while others are free and open to any and all new experiences. Neither point of view is right or wrong, but be certain to express your thoughts and feelings either way. You might also want to do your research on what can and can't happen during private dances, depending on the establishment and city it's in. The last thing you want is to hear about something after the fact that it really doesn't sit right with you.

Private Parties

Are you okay with them venturing out to a strip club, and even okay with lap dances, but the thought of having private strippers come to the hotel room makes you want to freak out? You're not alone. Many brides-to-be have discussed with their men that while strip clubs, in general, might be okay, private parties are absolutely not. Conversely, if you really don't mind, the conversation should be had either way whether it's yay or nay; it's important to voice your concerns and come up with a plan that respects both of your wishes, together.

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