Dealing With #DressRegret? You're Not Alone

Thinking twice about the gown you chose? Here's how to deal

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You've survived a day at a bridal salon, found the wedding dress, and wrote a check. As you walk out of the salon, are you still dreaming about wearing that gown down the aisle and twirling in that skirt at your reception? Or are you suddenly wondering if you made the right wedding dress choice? Don't worry, it happens to a lot of brides—but it doesn't have to take over! Our experts have a few tips for combating the dreaded #DressRegret to make sure you walk down the aisle in the gown of your dreams.

The first step to warding off regret about your wedding dress is to pick something you adore in the first place. Be meticulous about what you want, from the fabric and weight of the dress to the silhouette, neckline, and details. Don't settle for a dress that's 80 percent of what you want—unless you know you can make up the difference with adjustments, alterations, and accessories. Work with your consultant to narrow down the things you do and don't like. She's seen pretty much everything that's out there and will be able to guide you toward what you're looking for.

After you've chosen a dress and put down your deposit, it helps to have a reminder of how much you love it. Some salons don't allow photos during your appointment, but ask if they can make an exception once you've found the dress you want to purchase. Snap a few flattering shots of you in the dress from different angles (with and without a veil if you are going in that direction) so that, if you do start to question your choice, you can look back and see how beautiful you look in the dress—and how happy it makes you!

Still wondering if you made the right choice? Resist the urge to keep shopping just yet. Call the salon where you purchased your dress and ask about any exchange or return policies they might have before you do anything drastic. Then set up an appointment to go back and put your chosen dress on again. You may just need a quick refresher, or you may find out that there's a detail you just don't love. See if it's something you could change in alterations, such as adding straps or adjusting the neckline. It could be a matter of accessorizing, whether it's a beautiful belt, the perfect necklace, or a bolero or jacket. Explore ways to turn the dress you've purchased into your dream dress before you look for something else.

And if you decide you really can't wear that dress down the aisle (and are OK with whatever policies the salon might have), continue your search. Start by searching in the same salon so you can compare options to the dress you've purchased, then look elsewhere if nothing is catching your eye. Keep that first dress in mind as a jumping-off point to help guide your new search, and find a salon and consultant who can really help you home in on The One!

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