How to Create a Custom Snapchat Lens For Your Wedding

You can now customize one in minutes

Updated 02/08/18


Have you ever been out and about using Snapchat lenses (maybe the notorious dog sticking out the tongue?) and wondered how you could get a custom version at your wedding? Well as of today, Snapchat has brought the entire process to the app interface so you can create custom lenses in minutes.

In 2016, Snapchat debuted an custom filter option so that anyone who wanted to create a custom Snapchat filter could design it upload to Snapchat's website, and set the parameters for the filter—which adds a personal touch to photos and videos after they've been captured.

Now, they're launching a similar process for custom lenses, which can be made in the Snapchat Create Your Own studio and used while you're taking photos and video.

There is one catch, though. The price of custom Snapchat filters starts at $5. For the lenses, which offer an even more personal touch, the base price is $9.99, which could increase depending on how long you want the lens to run and how large of a geofence you need (essentially, the radius in which your lens will pop up for users).


The options are pretty much endless now; you can include a combination of the existing Snapchat lens options, like vomiting a rainbow or the super-cute, tongue-out puppy we all know and love. You could also choose to keep it simple with text and some shimmering effects—the choice is yours. These lenses can stay up for just an hour or for as many as 30 days, and can be made available in a geofence around a small event or multiple city blocks.

Just think: you could make custom Snapchat lenses for every event of your wedding—proposal, engagement party, bachelor(ette) weekend, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and reception—that incorporate the theme, color scheme, and overall aesthetic of your wedding.

Because the process is so quick, you could say 'yes' to a surprise proposal, whip up a custom lens, and send ring selfies (video versions, too!) to all of your followers in minutes. Best engagement announcement ever?

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