How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Registry Gift

A gift that's personal, fits your budget and is totally useful? Yes, please!

Updated 04/03/17

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As your friend’s wedding date approaches, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll give her as a gift. Dishes? A beautiful frame? Wine glasses? The options are limited only by what she’s put on her wedding registry. We asked our experts to share their top five tips for giving a wedding gift (and making sure it’s a great one!).

1. Review the Registry

This one’s a no-brainer. When you’re picking out a gift for your friends, start with their wedding registry! While you might be inclined to get them something a little more personal, they’ve picked their registry items for a reason. Would you rather give cash? Check to see if they’ve set up a honeymoon fund before you write a check — yes, there are nominal fees, but the instant transaction is easier for both of you (with no fear that a check will be misplaced)!

2. Do Your Research

Now that you know what your friends have picked out, do your research into who they are as a couple. Think about what they really love to do and how they like to spend their time. The best way to make a registry gift personal is to choose something you know they’ll really love. You can even mention why you chose it in your note, so they’ll know you took the time to pick just the right gift.

3. Budget Wisely

Before you buy any presents, think about how much money you are willing to spend on all the gifts you’ll be buying. Going to an engagement party and bridal shower before their wedding day? Split your funds 20-20-60, with the bulk of your budget going toward the wedding gift.

4. Give Early

As soon as you’ve gotten your save the date, check the couple’s website for their registry information. The sooner you pick out and purchase a gift, the more choices you’ll have. That way you can decide between those beautiful sheets and a high-quality chef’s knife instead of scrambling to put together something that feels substantial enough after the registry has been picked over.

5. Sign Your Name

The most important thing to do when giving a wedding gift? Put your name on the card! If you’re ordering online, be sure to fill out the gift message so the couple knows who to thank. If you don’t see an option for a gift message, send them an email or text to let them know that they’ll be getting a package without a card (and mention the name of the store where it’s coming from!) so they can keep an eye out for a gift with no giver attached.

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