How to Choose the Perfect Bedding for Your Wedding Registry

According to the founder of Loomstead

Courtesy of Loomstead

When tasked with putting together your wedding registry, one of the foundational, no-brainer categories that is present on 99% of all newlywed wishlists (an educated guesstimate) is bedding. Every well-made bed starts with the best bedding and sheets that not only fit your decor aesthetic, but suit all of your sleeping needs and budget restrictions. Are you a hot or cold sleeper? Are you willing to pay more for sheets that will last for years, or are you more focused on splurging on a luxe duvet cover and saving on sheets?

To help us sort out the differences in bedding types and how to choose the right sheets for you and your partner, we spoke to Sam Leiaghat, the founder of one of our favorite bedding brands, Loomstead. "Loomstead was started on the idea of bringing luxury bedding to our customers at an affordable price. While all fabrics we use are luxury grade, personal preference is a factor in people selecting their ideal bedding," Leiaghat explains.

Read all his tips below, and begin your wedding registry with the confidence that you've done your research!

Bamboo Bedding

Photo Courtesy of Loomstead

For a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, look to bamboo bedding. "A newer introduction to the Loomstead line is our bamboo bedding," says Leiaghat. "Bamboo is incredibly soft and silky, much like silk but without the heavy price tag." And we agree! We've felt the bamboo bedding, and it really is satisfyingly silky and light—a luxe product for less. "The bamboo fiber is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, so this is especially great for anyone with sensitive skin," Leiaghat notes. In fact, many baby clothes are made of bamboo fiber for just this reason!

"Bamboo is so soft. For anyone that says 'I just want soft,' this is the bedding for you," Leiaghat continues. "It's a great option for sweaty sleepers or people who spray tan or sleep with makeup on, since the fibers won't absorb it. With a simple wash, it'll go back to looking fresh, white, and clean." White sheets that won't gradually turn a permanent orange-y brown hue when you're deep in your mid-summer St. Tropez routine?!? Count us in.

Linen Bedding

Photo Courtesy of Loomstead

"The linen we use at Loomstead is sourced from Belgian flax, which is known for producing some of the best and most durable flax in the world," explains Leiaghat. "By using Belgian flax, Loomstead bedding holds up to washes and will actually continue to get softer after every wash. The benefit of linen is that it maintains its natural ability to let you body breathe, which ends up keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter."

Leiaghat continues, "I love linen—once you give it a try you won't go back. Being a natural fiber, it stays very breathable which helps regulate your sleeping temperature. A bonus is that our linen is machine washable and dryable, and if you don't fold it right away it's okay. The rumpled linen look is part of it's charm!"

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Cotton Bedding

Photo Courtesy of Loomstead

Want a classic look? Cotton bedding might just be the best sheets and bedding for your wedding registry. "Our cotton percale is made from long staple Egyptian cotton. The reason we chose to go with percale instead of other cotton weaves is because of its smooth and crisp touch, similar to that of luxury hotel bedding. So if you love the hotel look, this option is for you!" explains Leiaghat. "Plus, it's super easy to launder." Add in a carefully folded cashmere throw to the foot of your bed and consider your bedding complete!

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