Mexico vs. The Caribbean vs. Hawaii: How to Decide Which Beach Is Right for Your Honeymoon

Courtesy of Rancho Pescadero

There are so many great resorts and so many gorgeous islands that it can seem overwhelming to try to pick just one for your honeymoon. They all have palm trees, blue skies, white sand, and frothy surf, but that's where the similarities end. Here, our evaluation of the top choices:


Where: Mexico's Caribbean and Pacific coasts both offer a variety of choices.

*What: *Mexico's allure is in its culture. From the music to the food, the crafts, and the history, there is a richness to this destination that's unavoidable as soon as you leave your resort.

Why? On the east coast, some of the coolest activities include swimming in underground caves called cenotes, touring the ruins, and experiencing a Mayan sweat lodge. On the west coast, you'll want to sign up for whale-watching boat trips, tequila tastings, and cooking classes. Then again, on either coast you definitely want to spend some time relaxing in a hammock.

The Caribbean

Where: The Caribbean's various islands range from sleepy and remote to bustling and urban.

What: Choose your island carefully, the personality changes radically from isle to isle.

Why? If you're looking for music and food, Jamaica is hard to beat; The British Virgin Islands have a boating scene and some truly empty strands.


Where: The Big Island offers the most variety — from active volcanoes to black-sand and white-sand beaches, while Oahu has the most urban offerings and Maui is the most classically honeymoon-y.

What: Many honeymooners love the sheer American-ness of Hawaii as much as the exotic twist. For west coast couples, part of the allure of is the proximity.

*Why? *Sign up for hula classes, surf classes, and a luau, and then relax with mai tais on the shore.

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