Easy Ways to Bond With Your Mother-in-Law Before the Wedding

Brides, these tips will definitely help—whether or not you decide to call her “Mom.”

Updated 04/07/17

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As your wedding day approaches, you’ll reach a point where you realize you’re about to join your fiancé’s family, as well as begin a family of your own. One of the most important things to do that will help that transition go smoothly is to get to know your in-laws a little better! If you haven’t had a chance to bond with your future mother-in-law, our experts have a few tips that will help you out, whether or not you decide to call her “Mom.”

Bonding with your fiancé’s mom is all about finding shared interests. Not quite sure what those are? Start small. Plan to meet for lunch, coffee, or a glass of wine. Ask your fiancé what she likes so you can grab a table at a restaurant you’ll both enjoy. Pick somewhere that isn’t too loud so you can really talk and hear one another, and get to know her a little better. You’d be surprised how much you might have in common (aside from loving your fiancé, of course!).

Looking for more of an activity? Again, lean toward something where you’ll be able to chat with one another, at least early on. A cooking or wine-and-paint class is a great opportunity to do something fun, and it gives you something to talk about if the conversation lulls.

And of course, there are always wedding-related tasks you can take on together! Invite her to help you shop for your accessories, or see if she might need a second opinion as she picks out her outfit for your wedding. If your fiancé isn’t enthusiastic about your registry but your mother-in-law has a beautiful home, she could be a great person to help you with that scanner gun. And if she’s detail-oriented and organized, you may be happy to have her by your side stuffing envelopes or assembling welcome bags.

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