How to Accentuate Small Breasts in a Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress


Sometimes the best things come in small packages, and it’s all about learning how to play up what you've got. So if you’re hoping to show off a little cleavage on your big day, you’ve definitely come to the right place. For all the small-breasted brides out there, here’s how to feel and look your best on your wedding day.

Say "Yes" to a Sweetheart Neckline

According to bridal fashion designer Kelly Faetanini, a sweetheart neckline looks great on women with small breasts because the shape of the neckline actually softens the line around the bust. “This, in turn, allows for more flesh to be seen and makes for an enhanced look,” she says. Liz Sellassie, the owner of Designer Loft Bridal, agrees. “An easy way to make small breasts seem ample is by wearing a gown with a structured bodice, especially a sweetheart or bikini top bodice, which lift and enlarge the chest, with a sort of demi-cut bra fixture.”

Structure Is Your BFF

While style is entirely dependent upon the rest of the bride's body type, Faetanini explains that a more structured, corseted bodice with a heavy fabric is probably best (either fit-and-flare or ball gown), as the structure adds padding and thickness, creating the illusion of a fuller bust.

Go Braless

Bet that got your attention, huh? Although Faetanini admittedly isn’t a fan of a traditional bra being used with a wedding dress, she does highly recommend asking your seamstress to hand-tack in padded push-up cups if you choose to go braless. “These cups have extra padding on the bottom of the cup (like a push-up bra would) and when they’re hand-tacked into the gown, they won't move and shift around. Instead, they’ll help prop up your breasts for a fuller-looking bust in the dress.”

Try Some Makeup

When in doubt, bust out some makeup (for your bust). Or, rather, ask your makeup artist about how you can enhance your girls with a little contouring if you want to look fuller in your gown. After all, according to Fiona Abrams, bra expert at Brayola, it's the latest rage. “You can create shadows around your cleavage to fake the bust.”

Invest in Some Cleavage-Enhancing Cutlets

You may already even have some on hand, and Abrams says bust-enhancing cutlets will give your girls the extra boost they need. Depending on your dress, you can also look for a strapless bra that’s more plunging as opposed to balcony style for some subtle cleavage.

Take the Plunge

Instead of trying to make your breasts appear larger, take advantage of your shape and wear something only a small-chested woman can rock confidently. “Think a plunging V-neck sheath with a V-back, which looks best on a small-chested frame,” Sellassie says.

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