This is How the Internet Responded to the Bride Who Breastfed During Her Wedding

Updated 06/29/16

Courtesy of Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook Page

After one Canadian mom took a timeout during her wedding ceremony to breastfeed her daughter — right in the middle of a Catholic church, no less — the Internet had quite a few things to say about it (as you can imagine). While some were horrified that a bride would even consider lowering her wedding dress in front of a crowd of wedding guests in order to feed their little one, others were a taaad bit more supportive. And by a tad bit we mean immensely so!

The photo of Christina Torino-Benton nestling her baby girl close to her chest has been shared thousands of times on Facebook, spurring a conversation about where (and when) breastfeeding is appropriate. But it turns out, Torino-Benton isn't the first bride to encounter such a dilemma — other brides around the globe have had to come to the rescue when their little one got too hungry to deal, breastfeeding them right then and there in the middle of their wedding ceremony. Don't believe us? Just look at the slew of photo-evidence below.

The Facebook page which started the conversation, called Breastfeeding Mama Talk, posted the almost-iconic picture of Torino-Benton on their wall and captioned it saying, "Talk about feeding anytime and anywhere. That moment when you're getting married and your baby gets hungry...Fighting that good fight!" Feeling inspired, hundreds of proud mommies responded with their OWN breastfeeding pictures on their wedding day. The result? Well, you'll just have to see for yourself.

But it wasn't all a positive response. According to BBC, Torino-Benton said that some Facebook users "dismissed her for breastfeeding at church." Of course, the courageous mom had a witty response to all of the naysayers. "To those people, I say, there is nothing more natural than feeding your infant with what God gave me," she told BBC.

We can't argue with that!

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