What the Groom Did: How Guys Contributed to Their Weddings

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You know the stereotype: A groom practically has to be prodded and pleaded with to participate in wedding planning. For some guys, that's certainly true, but there's plenty of men who get into wedding planning just as much as their brides to be. For others, it's all about focusing on the aspects they're most interested in. Our readers — plus a few grooms — shared how their guys got involved in wedding planning. Maybe you'll notice a theme, ahem.

"It was either going to be 50-50 or no fancy wedding. There was no way I was going to plan it all on my own. The great thing was, I didn't have to twist my husband's arm. He was actively involved in just about everything except for selecting the bridesmaids' and flower girl dresses and my dress." — Monica L.

"I was completely in charge of the rehearsal barbecue and found the venue. We shared responsibilities for most of the wedding planning, mostly because I had more time. And because brides have so many things to take care of for themselves, like dress, hair, and makeup." — Amit A.

"Food and music. He helped pick the DJ, went for the venue taste testing, and voted for tiramisu for the groom's cake. The other stuff he left to me." — Denise L.

"I didn't have to do anything. My husband was kind of a groomzilla. It was cute." — Miranda L.

"I was very involved. My mom taught the guy who owned the reception place so he gave us a good deal. I had a florist friend who handled the bouquets and had a referral on the travel agent for the honeymoon. My best man even had the hookup on the honeymoon suite. The specific details I did not get involved in. For instance, I could've cared less what was on the bridal registry or what the flowers, the cake, or the church decorations looked like." — Sean D.

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"In my case, my bride-to-be was new to the country, so it was basically all up to me and some really great friends. It was, of course, slightly a shambles, but it all came together." — Michael M.

"My husband and I equally planned our wedding. We worked together in all of the decisions. It felt nice to know he cared about our special day just as much as I did. It also made the planning a lot more fun!" — Mari S.

"He loved the venue we ended up choosing. The minute we walked in, he said, "I want to get married here. Cancel all the other appointments!" He was also great with the last-minute details. When I got stressed, as it got closer to the wedding, he accomplished a lot of the little tasks much faster than I could have!" — Camrin E.

"My husband was involved a lot but his main tasks were planning the honeymoon and the woodworking projects. He carved bow ties for his groomsmen, built our ceremony arch, and also cut some wood slices for our guest favors. He loves the hands-on labor!" — Jessica M.

"He's helping me make the table centerpieces and came shopping for the flowers. I've made the bouquets and he helped if I got stuck. He's been great." — Emma G.

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