You Can Finally Guarantee Perfect Weather on Your Big Day Thanks to This Wedding Planner

Supposedly, she can harness the power of Mother Nature

Updated 04/05/18

Photo by Kim Stockwell Photography

No more panicking over the weather forecast or sending prayers to Mother Nature leading up to your wedding. Put your backup rain plan on hold because, believe it or not, one wedding planner is claiming she can conquer the elements to ensure that your wedding goes off without a weather-related hitch. But, it'll cost you a pretty penny.

In what's nothing short of miraculous, Phrativi "Tivi" Dyah has focused her talents on deflecting rain during her clients' events. After marrying a prince from the Ubud Royal Family in Bali, the event planner's fascination with the universe was heightened. For the past four years, she's turned this fascination into a successful career by ensuring picture-perfect wedding weather at the Ritz-Carlton Bali in Indonesia. Future brides, a trek to Bali might be worth it for a guaranteed rain-free ceremony.

Though she be a woman of weather wonders, it takes a team to control the weather. For her services (which cost a whopping $400), Tivi relies on help from the hotel's priest. "Besides his daily blessings, the priest makes dedicated offerings to the gods that guard the area asking them to protect an upcoming event from rain," Tivi told Town and Country.

Additionally, two healers help harness the power of the universe to ensure rain-free events at this picturesque resort. Before a wedding, spouses Warmana and War Tri pick up bits of dirt from the future venue. This, combined with fasting, allows the couple to "synchronize their energies with the surrounding nature to move the clouds." Sign us up.

If you're still skeptical of Tivi's powerful influence on Mother Nature, not one of her events has ever seen a drop of rain. Among one of her success stories (and perhaps her claim to fame) was pulling off a photoshoot during monsoon season for a well-known publication. She also recently helped offset gloomy weather for a four-day affair hosted by a notorious family from India, proving that she has quite the elite clientele.

Even if Tivi's services come with a bit of a steep cost, it seems well worth it for a rain-free wedding day. Right!?

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