How Much Time Can I Really Take Off for Our Wedding?

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While a guest can get away with just a night or two out of town for a friend's wedding, when you're the bride or groom, there's a lot more to get done in the days leading up to your wedding day. From final details to greeting arriving family to cherishing those last moments before you become a wife, the thought of going to work is probably the last thing on your mind — and could be cramping your pre-wedding style. So how many days can you really take off before you walk down the aisle? Our experts weigh in.

You'll definitely want to save as many vacation days as possible for your honeymoon, but having the chance to take off a day or two before your wedding to really focus on what's left on your to-do list can be incredibly helpful (as can the extra time to meet your bridesmaids for pedicures or pack up those welcome bags!). If you plan on taking any time off, make sure to submit your vacation request as early as possible. Sure, your manager will probably squeeze you into the calendar because you're The Bride, but particularly if you're getting married during a busy travel season, it's in your best interest to make sure you're not the last person left who has to man the office while everyone is gone for a holiday weekend.

When it comes to the days after your wedding, consider trying to take at least one day off (most likely Monday) so you can get plenty of sleep and recuperate after your wild night. That is, of course, if you aren't heading straight to your honeymoon! Even if it's an extra night at the hotel or just a quiet night eating pizza on the couch with your new husband, knowing you have a little time to take a nap, relax, and scroll through Instagram looking for peeks of your reception will make going back to work a little bit easier.

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