How Many Are Too Many Colors For Your Wedding Decor?

Updated 10/07/15

Jose Villa

Your wedding color palette dictates and reflects the tone of your wedding, whether you select an elegant gold and taupe or ethereal blush and coral scheme. However, narrowing down your selection to only one or two shades can feel forced. But how many colors is too many for your wedding? Our etiquette experts weigh in on the topic of choosing the appropriate number of hues for your wedding décor color palette.

Unless your wedding is circus themed, adhering to the rule of "less is more" will never lead you astray. The optimal number of colors to include in your wedding color palette is two, but many brides find the greatest success with selecting between one and three colors. If you incorporate four or more dominant colors into your wedding color scheme, you may find the aesthetic overwhelming and garish. However, some brides do find success with a rainbow color scheme when incorporated into the décor in small doses. The best way to incorporate multiple bold shades is to use a neutral base palette, such as black and white or cream and ivory, while incorporating the more brazen colors into elements such as the invitations, floral centerpieces.

If you wish to keep your palette as polished as possible, narrow down your selection to two hues. Complementary shades are always an eye-pleasing choice, pastels harmonize beautifully, and pairing a metallic hue with matte color is a decidedly modern option. When finalizing your color palette, remember that choosing two exquisite and seasonally appropriate shades is infinitely better than settling for a myriad of lurid hues.

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