Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress Took How Long To Make? !

Hint: It took over FIVE TIMES longer than what it took to make Rihanna's Met Gala gown

Updated 05/21/18

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It was all eyes on Meghan Markle this weekend, as she went from small-screen TV star to Duchess of Sussex. The gorgeous bride stunned in her regal Givenchy gown, making her look like a IRL Cinderella. And as one might expect, creating a royal wedding dress isn't a walk in the park. Clare Waight Keller, the gown's designer, apparently spent an insane amount of time creating the bride's the custom-made wedding dress.

Waight recently revealed to WWD that she spent 3,900 hours designing and creating Markle's royal wedding dress. Now, that obviously seems like an unbelievable amount of time to work on a single dress. But let's really put this in perspective. Remember Rihanna's hand-embroidered Maison Margiela Pope-goes-pop look at the Met Gala on May 7? That took 750 hours total to create. And remember, that frock was incredibly ornate. And Blake Lively's 2018 jaw-dropping Met Gala gown? That took only 600 hours to make. Meanwhile, Meghan's wedding dress took 165 days. Or five months. Okay, you get it—it took a long time.

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But the most surprising part about this statistic is not how long it took the designer, but the simplicity of the dress compared to the time it took. Unlike Kate Middleton and Princess Diana's gowns, both of which featured some pretty ornate designs, Meghan's was unadorned and perfectly matched her effortless beauty look. And we're so here for it.

Following her ceremony, Meghan slipped into a sleek Stella McCartney dress that featured a halter neckline. McCartney's company has not released the amount of time it took them to create her after-party look, so we can only imagine what the total time spent on the royal wedding dresses adds up to. But apparently that's what it takes when you're designing for the wedding of the decade!

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