We Ask You: How Did Your Partner Propose?

These proposal stories will melt your heart.

Samantha Stokes

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So, with engagement season in full swing, we kicked it off by asking "how did your partner propose?" And let's just say your stories filled the first week of 2018 with major romance. If you didn't make the list for this question, don't worry! We're always sharing #BridesProposals and #BridesRings, so just make sure to tag your pictures! Until then, here are some of our favorite proposals we heard this week:

On our first day in Ireland we drove across the country to the Cliffs of Moher - a place I’ve wanted to see for years. After spending the afternoon frolicking around the most gorgeous, surreal place I’ve ever seen we climbed out on a little ledge away from everyone else and he proposed. We were on top of the world! -@ldemeter1

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My fiancé sent me on an amazing race style scavenger hunt through various places from my childhood. At the end he was waiting for me at the same spot my dad proposed to my mom! He also had a secret photographer to capture the proposal! He is absolutely amazing! And obviously I cried!!! 💍 💑 😍 -@courtneybertrand

On his bday after he blew out his candles! It was his only wish! 💕 -@desireeflorio

My fiance asked me to marry him at our daughters 3rd Birthday party. Surround by our family and friends. I was helping her open her gifts while he was passing them to us. He said there was one more left and it was a folded poster board. She opened the poster and showed everyone else and then turned and showed me. It said "Will you marry my daddy?" Then from the corner of my eye I saw him down on one knee with the ring and I was so shocked that it was actually happening so I just shook my head and went over to him. It was so sweet and I loved that our daughter and our family were all there! -@xo_love_janee

He took an ad out in the local Sunday paper. He said his favorite part of the week is when we read the ads together while I make pancakes. -@lwaugh1987

I proposed to my (male) fiancé in May. We'd been together about five years, living together almost four, and when I started a new job I realized how weird it felt clarifying to my new coworkers that my "boyfriend" was the man I was spending my life with. On a random Tuesday I bought him a watch and a fancy card and popped the question on the couch between Netflix episodes. He said "yes!" followed by "we need to get a ring!" -@annieoxner

Immediately after the birth of our 3rd tiny human❤️ The second the nurses left the room, he got down on one knee❤️ AS IF I WASNT EMOTIONAL ENOUGH🙄😂 -@amandaflynn

On a private beach in Thailand, at the resort my family & I always stay in, with our own chief serving up an 8 course meal (which I was too excited to get through!) & a guitarist to play for us & candles in the sand, as well as my family hidden & taking pictures... it was perfect! & he did amazingly well to combat his nerves... ❤️ we’ve been together 13 years this May (high school sweet hearts!) & Marry this March! 👰🏽 -@vanessaljones

Christmas Eve, 2017. Gave me a photo album full of our special moments! One spot was empty and he said “there’s one more picture missing and you have to help me take it”.... and he got on his knees 💍! -@luzyserna

This Dec 14, two years to the day that he took me ice skating at Rockefeller center and told me he loved me, he took me back. I was freaking out because we were super late to our reservation time. We’d only have about 25 minutes left to skate. I knew I wanted to recreate my favorite picture of ours from the first time we went. Near the end of our session I asked a skating attendant to take our picture. She was too far away, (our original picture was up close) so I asked her to take a closer one, when I realized the rink was completely empty. I didn’t feel him behind me, so I turned around and saw him dropping to his knee. It was overwhelmingly magical. The entire crowd cheered. 💗 💍 ⛸️ -@jessicaalhberg

At the scene of our first date: Coney Island! 🎡🎢💙 -@adriannabarr

Ryan proposed this past Memorial Day weekend 5/27/17 in a park nearby our apartment in Chicago. I thought we were off to a family party, but as we were walking through the park I spotted my best friend sitting in the grass. As she turned, I realized she had a puppy in her arms. With confusion and excitement, we walked over to her...she handed me to most adorable corgi puppy. Ryan turned to me and said he was the beginning of our family...he then got down on one knee and said, “I can’t wait to start a family with you, will you marry me?” There is nothing better than getting engaged to the love of your life with a puppy and a diamond! 🐶💕💍 -@jacl387

We live in South Australia, and for my birthday he told me we were going to Queensland. When we got to the airport he told me we were actually going to Vanuatu ! On the day of my birthday, we swam with horses and he proposed in the water after that. The entire time we were swimming, he had the ring in his pocket, ties around multiple times with dental floss! :joy: lucky it stayed there!!! -@zoekaye_16

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