How These Real Brides Handled a Post-Wedding Emotional Crash

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The only thing wrong with spending a year or more planning the most important day of your life is that eventually, the glorious day dawns, then fades into night, and you need to start living the rest of your life. Here, eight women share their stories on how they handled the transition.

Started A Business

"Post-wedding depression is a real thing! The day after my wedding was over, I totally felt a sense of longing and despair. I loved planning so much and had no clue what to do next. So, I decided to open up a shop for brides and bridesmaids where I sell t-shirts, jewelry for the bride or bridesmaids, and wedding-related mugs. My shop allows me to still have that rush by working with brides to help make their day amazing!"—Veronica

Delayed The Honeymoon

"I am a married wedding planner, so I've witnessed the post-wedding crash from both professional and personal sides! In my personal experience, the best thing I ever did was schedule my honeymoon for a month after my wedding. I was able to relax from the wedding insanity and not have to rush and hop on a plane the next morning, but still had something awesome to look forward to. It also gave me a chance to have a planning cool-down period."—Natalie

Focused On The Home

"I turned my attention to our home together, making it something that reflected both of us—not just me. We went to estate sales and used bookstores almost every weekend for the first 18 months we were married. We've been married for nearly 21 years, and I still use the old coffee table we bought together that first weekend—when you're sitting on the floor, it's the perfect height for a makeshift desk!"—Erica

Assisted Friends

"Post-wedding blues happened for me. Hilton and I planned our dream wedding in about eight months, and like everyone kept telling us, it goes by in the snap of a finger. I put my heart and soul into planning what I knew was going to be 'the best wedding ever.' It sure was... six months later our guests are still talking about it. I love my job and normal life, but after the wedding, I was down in the dumps. People kept telling me, "Your wedding photos on social media are so breathtaking — they look like they should be in a magazine.' Then, some of my friends and family members started planning their weddings, so I helped give advice. Helping wedding-plan for friends and family helped prolong those feelings of excitement. Now, however, my hubby and I are settled into married life—and we love it!"—Ilyse

Helping wedding-plan for friends and family helped prolong those feelings of excitement. Now, however, my hubby and I are settled into married life—and we love it!

Found Another Hobby

"I spent almost every waking moment for 18 months planning and saving for our 2013 wedding. When it was over, I felt like I needed to find another hobby—and fast! I decided to take the time to get fit. I changed my eating habits and made a gym routine. I ate healthier—mostly vegetarian—and did cardio, yoga, weights, and everything in between. I lost 30 pounds and am happier and healthier than I was when I was in high school!"—Ashley

Planned Date Nights

"To get over the post-wedding crash, my husband and I planned date nights for the next few months which really helped us look forward to special times together. Also, once we had our wedding pictures back, it was fun to reminisce and decide together which ones to frame in the house!" — Katie

Focused On Career

"After almost a year-and-a-half of planning, the big day was over. I truly felt that there was a significant void in my life: I no longer had to focus on updating spreadsheets, coordinating with vendors, managing my family, and the many other tasks that come with wedding planning. I was glad I no longer had to fill my evenings and weekends with planning activities, but I did have a lot more free time. I was able to use that time to focus on my professional life. I stepped back and asked myself if I was happy with my job, which helped me determine whether I wanted to take action to change my job. Long story short, since my personal life was on cruise control, I was able to tackle my professional life, and I quickly landed a new job that aligned with my passion for travel!"—Martha

Talked To A Therapist

"As a newlywed and a psychologist, it was humorous and humbling to have a post-wedding crash! I solved it by going to my therapist!"—Beth

Sherry Amatenstein is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author.

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