5 Guys Reveal How They'd Propose Differently If Given a Second Chance

Updated 08/04/15

Ditto Dianto, Proposal Planning by The Yes Girls

Perhaps you wouldn't change the way he popped the question for all the money in the world. But some men feel they fumbled that epic moment — or could have gone bigger, done better — and crave a redo. Here, five men reveal how they'd ask for her hand in marriage if given a second chance.

1. "I thought proposing at a candlelit restaurant was the way to go, but I didn't count on the stage fright I would feel as all eyes turned toward us," says one man. "I broke out into a sweat, which couldn't have been attractive, and I'm quite sure I stumbled over my words. Given a do-over, I'd propose privately — just her and me and some candles in our own apartment."

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2. "I secretly fear the ring I bought isn't good enough," says one newly engaged man. "She says she loves it, but with unlimited funds, I would have gotten her a way bigger diamond. If I could do it again, I'd win the lottery and get her a celebrity-sized diamond, because that's what she deserves."

3. "I stupidly popped the question in front of my family. And while sharing the moment with them was awesome, it was the aftermath I regret," says another man. "My siblings almost immediately launched into story time, sharing embarrassing stories about my dating life that totally ruined the moment for us. I wish I would have warned them to keep their mouths shut!"

4. "I kept things simple, and didn't go for the big, prolific speech," says one man. "It was, basically, 'I love you, so will you marry me?' I should have told her the million reasons why I want her to be my wife. I know I have over the years, but she deserved to hear them in the moment."

5. "I proposed on the beach, which I thought would be romantic," says another man. "But what I didn't count on was the construction happening on the strip of sand I'd chosen. Just as I got down on one knee, a bulldozer rolled by. I wish I could go back to choose a different beach — or just go somewhere without construction."

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