How Guests Really Feel About Your Destination Wedding

Updated 09/03/15

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Couples who plan destination weddings often worry about stressing out their guests. And while, yes, some guests do have gripes about traveling for your big day, others are more than happy to start packing, stat. Here's what wedding guests really have to say about your destination wedding plans.

"I'm happy to spend the money to get to a friend's destination wedding," says one woman, "but what irritates me is when the couple still sends out information about their registry. I don't want to have to drop hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get to your wedding and then have to bring a gift to boot!"

"I actually love getting destination wedding invitations in the mail," says another woman. "It means I'll be guaranteed a vacation that year — and if a group of friends is also going, that makes it even better. Sometimes, you can't bring yourself to spend the money to take a group trip, but when it's for a wedding, you have to go — and I've never once regretted a vacation!"

"I really appreciate when a bride and groom takes the time to schedule optional events leading up to the wedding," says one woman. "That makes me feel like they truly care about their guests having a good trip, rather than coming simply for their wedding."

"You know what I hate about destination weddings? Flying all the way there because you care about your friend and then getting to see him for approximately two minutes," says one man. "If I'm going to travel, I want to actually spend time with the groom and make it worth my time and money."

"One of the best things about destination weddings is getting to try international cuisine," says one woman. "I've been to destination weddings where they've Americanized the menu, and that's actually been a disappointment. If you're going to these fantastic resorts and locales, let these awesome chefs and regions do what they're good at!"

"As long as I'm given enough advance notice, I'm happy to attend destination weddings," another woman says. "Only when the invitation comes with less than three month's notice do I get a little cranky. Otherwise, you should have your wedding wherever you want it — and everyone who can make it will!"

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