How Grooms Spend the Morning of Their Wedding

What's your groom doing while you're getting glam with your bridesmaids?

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Most brides spend the morning of their wedding hanging out with their bridesmaids, sipping coffee or mimosas, and getting pampered and glam prior to their walk down the aisle. But what about the guys? How do grooms spend the morning of their wedding? After all, most don't take nearly as long to get ready, and are left with quite a bit of time on their hands.

To find out, Brides asked real grooms how they spent the hours before their ceremony. From last-minute errands to cocktails and everything in between, here's how grooms spend the morning of their wedding.

"I woke up, showered, shaved. Then ordered room service and watched TV until I realized I lost my tie, so a few of us had to run out to the nearest mall to get a new one. Then we came back and I wrote my vows on a piece of a notebook paper." —Scott, 32

"We all got shaves and haircuts so we would all look as presentable as possible. Then we had more time to kill so we actually went cosmic bowling. It was really fun and a good way to keep my mind off things." —Kevin, 31

"We did a family breakfast and then I had to run out to the mall to buy sneakers because I realized I forgot them at home! My venue had a cool room with lots of arcade games, so I was able to hang out there with my groomsmen and act like kids until it was game time." — Ken, 32

"I grabbed breakfast with my buddy, and then my daughter came to help me get dressed and ready. Then I helped her get dressed and ready as our flower girl." —Richard, 43

"I didn't sleep great, but I slept a lot better than I expected. I needed coffee ASAP, so I went to the hotel's brunch with my brother and ran into a bunch of family who were in town for the wedding. I spent the morning chatting with some aunts and uncles I hadn't seen in a while before heading back to the suite, hanging with my groomsmen, and getting ready and taking pictures. There may or may not have been lots of beer involved too. Don't tell my wife." —Christopher, 29

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"I was a little hungover from the rehearsal dinner, so I slept in. Had a gatorade, then coffee. We spent the morning golfing with my family and my father and brother-in-law." —Jeff, 29

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