How Do We Combine Our Initials Into a Joint Monogram?

Put together the perfect couple's monogram for you

holding monogrammed invitations

Photo by Paul Barnett

We love the idea of creating a joint monogram that combines a couple's initials. Monograms are such a timeless way to make wedding details feel customized, and the design can be incorporated throughout the wedding, whether on your cake topper, custom napkins, or even your wedding favors. After all, your big day is all about you and your partner!

The new combined monogram can also be incorporated into your wedding registry in so many ways from engraved barware and crystal to embroidered linens—anything goes! Plus, it can be such a special way to bring your new last name into your home after the big day. But figuring out the formal etiquette of which letter goes where can be a bit tricky. Whose initials go first? Which letter goes in the middle? What if you're not changing your last name?

Before you order anything, it’s good to know the best way to lay it all out. There are so many different ways to customize a monogram, and it’s definitely not one size fits all. Read on for everything you need to know about creating your custom monogram. 

Shared Last Name

If you're taking your partner's last name, modern monogram etiquette consists of your first initial, the first initial of your spouse's last name, and then their first initial. Typically, these initials are placed in a line from left to right, but the order of first initials can be altered, depending on the couple's preferences. The middle letter is displayed larger than the letters on either side, symbolizing the joining of your names.

A more traditional approach to a shared last name monogram utilizes the bride's first initial, the first initial of their spouse's last name, and then the first initial of the bride's maiden name.

Hyphenated Last Name

If you've decided to keep your last name while adding your partner’s as well (or if both you and your partner are hyphenating your last names), then the monogram would feature your first initial, followed by the first initial of each last name separated with a hyphen, and then your spouse's first initial to create a contemporary four-letter monogram. In this instance, the middle two letters would be larger than the two on the sides, again, representing the last name. 

Keeping Your Last Name

If you’ve chosen to keep your maiden name, while your partner keeps their last name, there’s an option for that, too. Put together your monogram using the first initial of both of your last names.

Single Initials

To really simplify your monogram, see how it looks with just single initials. Use your first initial, followed by an ampersand, with your partner's first initial at the end. Or, choose to just do a single initial monogram, using your shared last name’s first initial. 

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